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Or a woman dressing as a man Entry: Best of the best.


To wreck, maim, or destroy something or someone. Tahitian meaning “land” or “earth” Entry: Perpetua Usuario 1 Individual P 14, I found buskr as the origin of toponyms in Normandy of Viking origins. The order of playing something out; going with the flow.

Toomba is a musical instrument consisting of hollowed and dried pumpkin like vegetable with stick and strings attached to it. Slang music name meaning broke or apart The dismantler Comes from the name Tucker Intelligent serpants Tuk-loos Entry: Fundamental reseach is also called basic research. Worthless; lack of integrity.


Calm nanual the sun Entry: Tocao in Colombiam means Touchy Entry: What is tuesday all about? A jewel of immeasurable value Entry: A question that cannot be right or wrong egWhat colour is Tuesday Entry: He was born November 10,born and raised in Haiti, from the Caribbean.

We need you!

mwnual The female version of Hector Entry: Brockling is the point in the growth of cultivated wheat where the head bows over and it stops growing. A jew that is a nigga a Entry: It is prescribed for many teenagers because of its effectiveness. Global economy is the economy of the world.

Bureau of office furniture acceptance statistics Entry: Hashmier are a very special tribes people who very successful during the time of prophet Mohammad Entry: Manuql bluntly ignore Entry: You always bring to completion anything you start. Scots pronounced as catrine Entry: Another word for women, embra is singular Entry: Nobody can bring her down cause she a stronk woman.


Pending Definitions

Dried ash-keys steeped in boiling water to make a cheap alternative to tea or to adulterate tea. Those with the yellow-tinted lenses were less likely to report cyanopsia than those with the clear lenses. SIE T To say that there is a rumor includes some information about something or somebodythen you start showing them.

From the lands of alabrador Catherine. Generic name of kite, beetle remarkable for its sexual dimorphism. Dressed dirty and smelly Entry: A boss ass bitch Entry: SRV, 22 externa 7, An incorrect spelling of despair Entry: Yunaan means Greece Yunaani means Greek.

Disguised as or pretending to be. A person who feels comfortable in groups. Gato para laboratorio 6,