LMN Texas Instruments Phase Locked Loops – PLL datasheet, inventory, & pricing. LMN Datasheet PDF, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet. National Semiconductor LMN: available from 2 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing.

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A typical application showing the use of these devices, and their counterpart anode drivers, is shown. Commercial part number is shown for reference only. The UDNZ may be used in pairs full- bridge for d-c stepper motor or brushless d-c motor drive applications.

The output transistors are capable of sinking mA and will sustain datasgeet least 50 V in the off state. These devices are also furnished in a plastic pin dual in-line package Types UHP- for operation over a limited temperature range. Signal level shifting is inexpensively accomplished with capacitors; the OFF reference, pull-up, and pull- down is done with a few discretes. Competitive part numbers are shown datasheef strict alpha-numerical order; letters are listed before numbers LX precedes L and CS is listed before CS Outputs may be paral- leled for higher load current capability.

P D is derated at the rate of 8. The planar gas discharge display is a long way from ob- scurity, and the availability of this family of ICs should open up new areas as well as satisfying existing systems. Units j l-F Input Capacitance C, 1 – 6. Recommended V KK operating range: Exact replacement in all applications is not guaranteed and the user should compare the specifications of the competitive and recommended Sprague replacement. Coupling factor Qk is slightly greater than 1 to improve harmonic distortion.


On special order, hermetically-sealed ver- datasheett of these devices daatsheet reduced package power dissipation capability can also be furnished.

Datasheet (4)

In most instances, the small displays have gone to LEDs. Units Supply Voltage Vqq 4. Each output stage of both integrated circuits will withstand output OFF voltages of – 80 V and load currents as high as mA. It is designed for use with vacuum fluorescent displays, but has been put to many other uses, including control of thermal print heads. Primarily designed for use with vacuum fluorescent displays, it can also be used with LED and incandescent displays within its out- put limitations of 60 V and 40 mA per driver.

Minimum Data Pulse Width ns ns C. See graph on next page.

The UDSF1 is a non-inverting type while the UDSH is an inverting type which more frequently corresponds to the discrete or hybrid circuits in use. I L, with its combination of circuit density, low power and reasonable switching speeds should make a fine match for LEDs or other low-voltage display applica- tions. Vcc Other Input Output Min. For a-m the gain is lowered by reducing stage current. State B and State D Output pulse duration is typically The lamp test feature can of level of 3.

The circuit design eliminates annoying low- frequency thump and noise tail when the system is manually tuned through a strong signal. Type ULXA provides all high-frequency circuitry, including AGC and envelope peak detection, for a single- conversion superheterodyne broadcast or shortwave receiver. Both devices are supplied in miniature 8-pin dual in-line plastic packages.


LMN NTE Equivalent NTE IC-TV HORIZ PROCESSOR – Wholesale Electronics

Units Supply Voltage V cc: Power Amplifier To achieve the desired performance objectives of high power output and efficiency from a 2 to 12 V supply requires that the power amplifier be capable of ln1391n voltage swings approaching the available supply. Tune for maximum re- covered audio at pin datasgeet or maximum l-F voltage at pin Its product niche will include for applications requiring 60 to V or more breakdowns, low-power logic, wide supply range, modest speeds, and MSI to small LSI.

Large-volume use of DI circuits will be restrained until these problems particularly alternate sources can be overcome. These blue-green display panels originated in Japan, and the manufacturers are quite aggressively pursuing markets such as POS systems, clocks, cash registers, appliances, automotive displays, etc. Primary applications are d-c and stepping motor drive.

A definite asset of monolithic device technology is the very fine match between adjacent outputs when used in parallel.

Lm1875t Datasheet Luxury Lm1875t National Semiconductor to 220 04

If AFC is not required, pin 1 1 should be grounded, or tied to pin 9 to double the available recovered audio. The groupings, shown in the table below, are based on A-M and F-M operation.

Input current may be limited by maximum allowable input voltage.

Multiple devices may share a common heat sink without insulating hardware. High inherent I-F rejection, 2. For higher current applications, the Darlington arrays are a solution. A d-c path of less than a must be provided between pins 4 and 6.