Image of Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s “Satantango”. Translated from the Hungarian by George Szirtes New Directions, In the world of “Satantango,” everything. Editorial Reviews. From Bookforum. A bleakly absurdist, voluptuously written saga of abject Satantango – Kindle edition by László Krasznahorkai, George Szirtes. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. László Krasznahorkai’s first novel, Satantango, was originally published in in Hungary. A contemporaneous review by Miklós Györffy in.

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BTW – the format of separating paragraphs as you have done here, makes it easy on the eye of the reader and pulls the reader in. La costruzione stessa delle frasi richiede attenzione per la ricchezza delle numerose subordinate ma anche per le immagini costruite.

Odada geziniyor, yerine oturuyor. The table- and chair-legs were woven into a cocoon and then—with the aid of one or another secret narrow strand—they were all connected up, as if it were a matter of some importance that they, flattened in their secret, remote corners, should be properly advised of every slight tremor, each microscopic shift, and would be so as long as this strange, all-but-invisible network remained intact.

His prose is not consistently great. When I started this novel it felt like someone had torn out the first 50 pages of the book and I had to figure out who the characters were and what exactly was going and to be honest the further along I read the more frustrated I became and at the half way mark I decided I couldn’t take any more of this depressing and bleak novel no mather how much of a masterpiece it is considered in Hungary.

Those thieves, surely searching out death. And it is not a circle at all, but a spiral, and it keeps winding its path around and around, to the tune of the tango.

Even in Hungary, Krasznahorkai is regarded as forbidding, not least because Satantango is his most accessible book. The brightness is pleasing odour and the not-so-brightness is forever under verdict. A tango is danced with structure, with different orchestrated movements leading in one direction, even though the dancers step back occasionally, following the music of the Pied Ladzlo summoning humanity to create a meaningless yet passionate act of artistic performance.

It is cunning, deceit, desolation and gloom that fill this novel from start to finish, but yet it doesn’t leave that lurid taste in your mouth when you close the cover each night. This is the “estate”, apparently some sort of failed collective, where all hope has been lost and all the buildings are falling down.


But instead, I treaded idly on his tune; I had nothing to worry, my strong mind for support. Satantango was made into a beautiful but gruelling seven-hour black and white film by Bela Tarrfamous for its insanely long shots. The dark comedy of krasznahorkwi that follows their coming turns on the fact that, unbeknownst to the peasants, Irimias and Petrina are actually low-level, undercover, renegade krasznahorkaii security officers.

It’s not like you’re disassociating yourself with America, home of the brave satanhango little houses filled with datantango gods. I am reading Satantango at my parents’ house. Or Irimias, the tall one wearing the tie and the houndstooth coat certainly does.

For the next step, you’ll be taken to a website to complete the donation and enter your kaszlo information. I felt a sort of flatness and sameness to many scenes, which evoked a humdrum form of bleakness a life of boring work and meagre means that has to be got used to, with banter and dancing as periodic escapism – but it also meant it did not usually feel like a truly spectacular novel, simply a good one.

Satantango (novel) – Wikipedia

What on earth would be his motive, or that of the faceless state that has charged him with the secret mission we heard about all those chapters ago? In a small dilapidated village in s Hungary, life has come to a virtual standstill. Mrs Halics is happy to announce that he must already be here as one deadly sin after another gets ticked off in the bar.

As it is, Krasznahorkai’s treatment comes as a masterstroke: Order by newest oldest recommendations. It gives a particular resonance to Irimias the saviour of those left behind by the collapse of the industries that used to employ them. But there are many similarities. Because they make the trip from the nearby market town on foot in the rain, it takes the two—Irimias and Petrina—a long time to get to the estate, and the intervening lull consists of Godot-like waiting for their arrival.

So what happens satntango Irimias and Petrina finally descend on the dilapidated estate? Il romanzo sembra incompiuto, ci sono tanti di quei nodi non sciolti da irritare il lettore. The true power is in the discovery that words can interfere with reality. The spiders now joined together in a secluded corner at the back side of the bar, after deciding the separate route they knew each path and way in the town each has to carry out to reach the station on time, All thought- “If it doesn’t rain for a day we will get there by the time they reach very easily”.


Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s “Satantango” – Words Without Borders

Nov 07, Jonfaith rated it really liked it. Krasznahorkai likes nothing better than obscuring certain details of the plot to reinforce the otherworldliness of the narrative. Vor lauter Meisterhaftigkeit gelang es dem Autor nicht, mein Kopfkino zu starten. View all 6 comments.

The younger sister of the pair in the mill is there, dressed only in thin clothes and soaked to the skin. Their reappearance, by virtue of its mystery, signals an almost religious awakening for the krasznahoraki, who are fortified with a renewed hope for what feels like one last push to achieve freedom from their dismal inertia.

Sátántangó by László Krasznahorkai: review

Except, now, it is. Sempre solo i problemi, il lavoro… I. Jan 08, Fede rated it liked it Shelves: Everything’s fine in the middle, it’s the end you need to worry about. I doubt that the plot details matter, because this an archetypal folk-tale situation.

The headmaster could see a small human figure stuck in the middle of this entanglement, this big Gordian knot!. Kraner goads Schmidt into a confrontation with Futaki, ending when Schmidt knocks out his former associate with a kick in the face. He will open it and find them as he had guessed, ask them to sit with him and ask whether they would like to drink. Just read some of the sentences out loud. First published in Hungary in this cleverly constructed, often exhilarating, but relentlessly bleak novel is now something of a cult classic.

For Esti, the quoted text consists of recalled statements that others have made in her hearing, and her despair is described as pursuit by a chorus of terrible voices. By submitting this form, you are granting: Nothing so glib, surely? It’s someone still grappling with these ideas and feelings, who hasn’t accepted that’s how things are and shifted focus elsewhere.

If Irimias is diabolically Gothic, the Security captain who chastises him is positively Miltonic. After finishing the novel this morning I am not sure what I have to say about it. The men who had been presumed dead are likely to be at the bar, and Schmidt for one is pessimistic about what his means for them.

Why are so many people willing to buy him and his confederates a drink?