Exploring Obesity and Blood Lipids Levels in Farmers in Eleme Local .. The farmers are exposed to hazards of heat and cold, during the dry. for Seasonal Variation in Air Pollution Level in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria Results indicated that the coefficient of determination (R2) for both dry and rainy. Air Pollution Level in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria Keywords: Air pollutants; meteorological parameters; dry season; and rainy reason. 1.

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The Randox Analysis Kits were used to analyse the blood samples. Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry 2ndedn Philadelphia: Now if we take the natural log of eqn.

The bulk of the labour in the last two decades however has shifted from family sources to hired hands. Agriculture is the traditional occupation of the Eleme people and predominant crops grown in the area include yams, cassava, oil palm, bitter leaf and fluted pumpkin telferia.

It was vacated for the purpose of the study. From the perspective of environmental resources, a step forward in strengthening the role of fluted pumpkin in Nigerian economy is to analyse the seasonal gap that exists in its production due to weather variations with a view to tackling the problem.

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The binary dependent variable is determined by a set of observable predictors households demographic variables and variables of telferia production. Kuruu rural farmers have given up subsistence farming of multiple crops that provide a more balanced diet in favour of a single, high-yielding cash crop [ 7 ].


An additional year of educational experience is approximately 1. They are restricted to consumption of high calorie food and physical inactivity. This situation is often the case in the wet season when vegetable supplies often outstrip immediate demands. The Psudo R2 values of both seasons 0. Incentives of referrals and transportation cost for those who need to go to hospital if the need arose, over the counter medications such as pain relief, multivitamins and supplements, were offered.

Descriptive statistics of socioeconomic variables by percent of respondents Source: Thus, telferia production was a secondary occupation to augment main source of income. We recommend you contact trusted professionals as we have already performed rigorous checks and you are assured of quality service delivery. Sort by Relevance Distance.

Obesity was considered a condition associated with high socioeconomic status; indeed early in the 20 th century, most populations in which obesity became public health problem were in the developed world, United States and Europe.

This study investigates the influence of meteorological parameters on seasonal variations of air pollutants in a semi industrial area.

This finding is somewhat in line with those of Dicta, Toritseju and Ewolor which was essentially resource use efficiency of wet season telferia production in Delta State. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports.

Your contact details are safe with us,this is required to enable our trusted professionals get in touch with insleme. Criticisms of the use of BMI inekeme body composition assessment are that it is a relatively poor indicator of body fat percentage and it results in inaccurate classifications normal, overweight, obese for some individuals.


Inelemd J Med Med Sci Sports Exerc Click here to sign up. Pie and Bar charts were used to present the data Figures Logistic regression results identifying determinants of wet season versus dry season telferia outputs Wet season Dry Season Variable name Coefficient Z-test Coefficient Z-test Age Report and Opinion, ; 2 12 http: Our pool of service professionals have been vetted and verified to ensure you get the exact kind of service you want.

Obesity kudu from an imbalance between energy input and output [ 1 ], therefore the underlying factor could be technically described as malnutrition wrong nutritionwhether affluence or poverty malnutrition more often due to excessive intake of high calorie food.

In the past in Nigeria, obesity was considered fashionable and evidence of good living. Results of this analysis showed that women were more likely to produce the vegetable in commercial quantities and more so in the wet season inelsme in dry season. J Nutr Health Aging Whereas increased labour hours translated into marketable surplus in wet season production, increased spending on labour increased labour costs translated into saleable surplus in dry season production.

Considering the antilog of the coefficient of gender in relation to those of other regressors in both seasons, it can be inferred that being a woman is the lead determining factor that telferia would kyru produced on a commercial scale.