[Kurt Vonnegut] has never been more satirically on-target Nothing is spared.” —People Jailbird takes us into a fractured and. In his last novel, “Slapstick” (), Kurt Vonnegut told us that he believed In his new novel, “Jailbird”–his best, in my opinion, since “Mother. Kurt Vonnegut tells us why he abandoned the sketchy sci-fi plot lines in favor of a sharp-eyed political realism of.

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After the war, he attended University of Chicago as a graduate student in anthropology and also worked as a police reporter at the City News Bureau of Chicago.

Jailbird Summary & Study Guide

And that is slightly disappointing. This most human and humane of authors who was an atheist and whose books have been burned by these same smug, sanctimonious conservative nutjobs has a better handle than they do on the gospel of Christ which, ironically enough, is the same message you’ll find in those books that were burned.

He explores the absurdities of the American education system, socialism, corporate monopolies, class identification, and man’s fundamental lack of compassion in the face of money or vonneguh. Pakistanis and pygmies from the Philippines and even communists had to go through the very same thing.

Jailbird is a novel by Kurt Vonnegutoriginally published in The protagonist, Walter, also struck me with his ability throughout the story to hold no grudge. I’m glad to be reintroduced to him at this phase in my life though I’m not convinced Jailbird was the best book to do it besides having vonngeut across it in my bathroom. A fourteen-year-old Harlem child who had been killed in a gang fight was told about a two-carat diamond ring that lay for weeks at the bottom of a catch basin he passed every day.


Aug 14, Jeff Lacy rated it it was amazing. Jailbird is a guided tour de force of America. One reason I have always admired Vonnegut is that although his political beliefs are very leftist, he also has the honesty to admit that they will never work, as long as humans are the ones who try and implement them.

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite authors, jailbirr he has yet to let me down. In the end it doesn’t matter where fact and fiction cross or where they diverge.

Jailbird – Wikipedia

The book was fun and seemingly lighthearted and like Vonnegut always does he make some serious jwilbird. Jul 20, Lyn rated it liked it. To ask other readers questions about Jailbirdplease sign up.

He thought no more about the audit. I think part of the draw, for me, of these two authors right now is how they sensed Vonnegut especially in this book vonnegkt absolute absurdity and reality of economic greed, political malfeasance, incompetence, power, and the inability of the huddled, socialist masses to make much of a damn bit of difference.

In the intro to JailbirdVonnegut refers to a letter he had recently received from a high-school reader who told Vonnegut he had read almost everything by him and wanted to share the single idea he found at the core o I don’t mind so much the Republicans who embrace kurtt and general douche-baggery.

Yet, nothing ever comes of these ideals. Love of Labour The novel is a critique of private enterprise, capitalism and the labour relations that are imposed Happy Peaceful Jailbirds This is a curious novel. Through Starbuck, Jailbird discusses the history of the American labor movementalongside corporate America, McCarthyismthe Nixon administrationWatergate. I began reading this book just after finishing Anna Karenina and I am glad I did.

Jailbird Summary & Study Guide

In a piece, Jacobin Magazine called Jailbird Vonnegut’s “most extensive exploration of labor” and “Vonnegut’s clearest articulation of sympathies with vonbegut labor movement”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was flawless and had not been reported as stolen. To me the underlying theme of Vonnegut’s work is the importance of fundamental kindness.


At least you tried to believe what people with hearts believed – so you were a good man just the same. To me, this was absolutely beautiful – I had to read it a couple of times before Vonnegjt could move forward.

Kurt Vonnegut was a master of contemporary American literature. Jailbird is a quintessentially Vonnegutian tale of rich-man guilt and the futility of capitalist America. Jailbird is a personal favorite of mine, which means that it ranks in the top 5 of Vonnegut’s novels.

Jan 04, Trevor Denton rated it really liked it. Walter’s life has always been a life of the moment, and his very values and core beliefs are built upon sand, and shift accordingly. This wry tale follows bumbling bureaucrat Walter F. One husband and wife team, which had committed suicide after losing everything in a chicken farm in New Hampshire, had been told that they had been living vonneght whole time over the largest deposit of nickel in the world.

But the humor turns dark when Vonnegut shines his kudt on the cold hearts and calculated greed of the mighty, giving a razor-sharp edge to an unforgettable portrait of power and politics in our times. While reading a previous Vonnegut novel, my coworker picked it up and reading the back-cover where it describes the author as “known for his black humor” he says to me: Get Jailbird from Amazon.