Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pioneer KRPM Inch Class High-Definition p Flat Panel KURO Monitor, Gloss Black at. I was wondering if I could get opinions on what would be reasonable to pay for a brand new (zero hours) Pioneer Kuro KRPM 60 plasma?. Everyone already knows that Pioneer makes the finest plasma TVs known to man , but with the KRPA they’ve stepped their game up even.

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DiscCollector is online now. Recent comments jimmy on Vintage Corner: Please remind me who first jumped on the off-topic Panasonic lrp tirade, which had nothing to do with the OP or the topic?

Hello, Please advise if you have these speaker cables. LG oleds, not so much their plasmas surpass kuro.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Would you please reconsider selling the cables to me. GMAN40 I’d prefer to sell the whole lot 600mm a bundle; sorry. GMAN40Apr 19, Thanks x 1 List. Apr 4, at Apr 5, at 8: The guy op was asking about the current value of kr brand new KRPM. Parts may be difficult to come by. I have the ability to enter into the service menu to check the hours, but would need to see it in person to verify the hours, if you unable to get into the service menu, would that be possible?


Jan 24, Messages: Finding a brand new one in is like hitting the jackpot. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. This is for security and verification purposes because I’m sure you are aware that as a new member with no demonstrable history or feedback, listing a few pieces of high-end kit as your first items set the members alarm bells mrp – collected or not.

Pioneer Kuro KRP-600M 60″ 1080p HD Plasma Television

As ktp engineer I find myself drawn to new ways of building a standard design. I’m done clicking to read another one of your hideous posts the appeal is similar to rubbernecking unfortunately.

Asking price waswhich to me was fair. Dec 20, Messages: Discussion in ‘ Archived Classifieds ‘ started by petemounceApr 2, Mar 28, Messages: I’d totally guesstimate maybe an average of 10 hours a week for 8 years?

Jeez lol Your anti Kuro attitude knows no realistic boundaries. Apr 13, at 6: He wasn’t asking about anything but a fair value for the KRPM, not the misconceptions of how everything available or recently available still pales in comparison, which is only true in the minds of the bitter clingers. I paid for a mint condition fd with hours about a month ago. If you mean for the TV, then, thanks, but that’s too low an offer.


They are incredibly inflated kfp.

KRPM – Inch Class (” Diagonal) p KURO Flat Panel Monitor | Pioneer Electronics USA

I have updated the original post: It is twice the highest existing ratio 15, Equipped with a host of options for seamless system integration, the Pioneer KURO monitors are an installer’s dream.

I do not think this will have any warranty. With that being said, I would pay to 600 a brand new one.

Expanded features, multiple user menus and detailed picture settings put the custom installer’s needs at the top of the list.

Good working order – no scratches, no burn-in. Richer, more realistic colours create an enhanced experience of entertainment. New Optimum Mode Automatically analyzes and adjusts audio and 6600m settings based on content and room light.

Apr 2, at Apr 12, at