The Commission submitted its report on 2. Report. Supreme Court appointed Justice E. Padmanabhan, a retired High Court Judge as one member Committee to make suitable recommendations having. judicial officers of the States can be increased. Justice Padmanabhan Committee has submitted Report suggesting various recommendations. Copy already. Report of First National Judicial Pay Commission – Headed by Hon’ble all the Governments for implementation of Justice E. Padmanabhan.

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Ravi Prakash Mehrotra, Adv. Its very pleasant to hear that Hon’ble Justice Padmanabhan has very logically recommended for the pay revision of subordinate court judges. Padmanabhan Committee ‘s Recommendations with effect from They are aggrieved by the recommendation of Justice Padmanabhan Committeeas contained in Himachal Pradesh High Court 1.

The learned Solicitor-General, however, submitted that the recommendation of the Shetty Commission that the Union of India should bear 50 per cent of the total expense was inconsistent with the constitutional set-up.

The judiciary is depicted as the culprit and it is made to appear as if the judicial officers are incompetent and lethargic. Now the decision of Hon’ble Supreme court to appoint Justice Padmanabhan to file a report after considering the grievances of trial court judges and the report filed in time have removed distress in the minds of them.

Justice Padmanabhan Committee supre court order

Friends, justice is awaited by the lacks of litigants knocking the doors of our courts. Paragraph 31 of the recommendations of the Committeeinsofar as it is relevant, is as under: Supreme Court Of India.


It is true that the Subordinate Judiciary is vital backbone of our Indian Judiciary. Logically, if there is to be any increase in the expenditure on the judiciary, then it would be for the States to mobilise the resources in such a way whereby iustice can meet the expenditure on the judiciary for discharging their constitutional obligations.

Popular Posts Justice Padmanabhanb Committee order of padmanaabhan court. It will be extremely appreciated if some one will kindly let us know as to what happened on 01st August, in Hon’ble Supreme Court in the matter of pay revision of judicial officers. Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction 0.

National Company Law Appellate Tribunal 0. reoprt

Justice Padmanabhan Committee supre court order

Bombay High Court Many of the States, for example, State of A. Accordingly, disagreeing on this point with Justice Shetty Commission recommendations, we direct that the entire expenditure padmanaghan account of the recommendations of the Justice Shetty Commission, as accepted, be borne by the respective States.

The notice may be issued either separately for each building, or jointly, as in the case of buildings located within the same complex, indicating The trial court judges in india are backbone of our judicial system and it is in the interest of the country if judicial officers are given respectable salary so that they can work honestly and with more justcie.

The style of judicial administration is as old as the institution of judiciary itself. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this page and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from pdamanabhan display or use.


Let the delay in implementation of the Judicial Pay Commission report be compensated by providing better amenities on par with the IAS and IPS officers like independent vehicles, well furnished chambers and proper working space.

On behalf of J.

Any one having any updates please let me know. For others it is Rs. More courts only means lesser respect for the judiciary.

In the meeting of 2 level monitoring committee held on However it is really unfortunate that even today their profiles are not updated in the official website of the Supreme Court of India, except for a mere mention of their Lordships’ names.

The High Court Of Ju Andhra Pradesh High Court There should be uniformity. We also accept the Report of Justice Padmanabhan Committee in regard to grant of domestic help allowance to family pensioners and, accordingly Kerala High Court The amendments have been made without considering the reports of the State Of Gujarat And Ors.

Setalvad in his autobiography My Life and M.