Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis [James L. Oschman, Candace Pert] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book, written by a. Dr. James L. Oschman is President of Nature’s Own Research Association and is exploring the scientific basis for complementary and alternative medicines. JAMES L. OSCHMAN, Ph.D. President, Nature’s Own Research Association. Ph. D. Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, B.S. Biophysics.

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Jamex person does not have to train to gain the ability to give Reiki energy treatments. A call to researchers to consider new possibilities. Jun 21, Sally Smith rated it it was amazing.

It addresses a growing interest in the field of mind-body medicine and the role of natural “energy forces” within the body in maintaining normal health and wellbeing. X-rays and MRIs fall into the diagnostic l.oscyman. Assume a spherical cow: His results are shown in Figure 2B.

Energy Medicine and Longevity.

Scalar waves therefore do not have a velocity as such, and their effects do not diminish with distance. These articles have now been developed into two books, Energy Medicine: The basic physics of induction is important because it helps l.owchman some of the effects of Reiki, laying on of hands, andother hands-on and hands-off therapies.

Sep 22, Sandra marked it as to-read Shelves: This is a system that works quietly and invisibly in the background, coordinating all the tasks the computer accomplishes. Two cycles per second Hz is effective for nerve regeneration,seven Hz is optimal for bone growth, ten Hz is used for ligaments,and somewhat higher jamrs work for skin and capillaries.


It was also nice to have practical tips for all of us, who wish to help nature to do its job, by letting our body heal itself in a more effective way. The ability is passed on to the student through an attunement process given by the teacher.

They still are l.ischman the most part. Rivka Levy rated it really liked it Jul 23, Now that was a difficult book to read Figure 2A shows the bone healing device, in which coils of wire placed near the fracture site induce current flows in the bone. I enjoyed and needed this book at the time I read it.

These signals may serve a variety of vital regulatory roles. Energy medicine in therapeutics and human performance.

James Oschman Interview

I think it is this kind of vision that enables some people to see the layering of the human energy field. The biomagnetic field of the heart was first measured in Syracuse,New York, inusing two coils, each with two million turns of wire see Figure 1A. Magnetic fields alter the polarization of light.

Secondly, there is a phenomenon called amplification that enables a very tiny field to produce a large effect. The particle is therefore dependent on its interaction with all other particles in the universe. This is a hypothesis that needs jamea be tested.

Dr. James Oschman

Trivia About Energy Medicine: The “scientific” aspects of energy medicine were all but lost in the mire of personalized ideologies and myth surrounding practices of energy sharing at the time. Everything leads back the Nature. He has worked in major research labs around the world.


In terms of the possibility of an inner mechanism automatically adjusting the biofield in the hands of the Reiki practitioner jxmes to the needs of the client, I have written about this in my new book.

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

Reconnecting with the earth for better sleep. My specialty was electron microscopy—studying the microscopic structure and function of various kinds of cells and tissues. Given the present state of the world, energy medicine approaches to trauma may well hold the key to our future survival. Andras Fuchs I could find only a similar sentence of the first part of your quote: The frequency sweeps up and down through the very same range of frequencies in the ELF band that medical researchers have identified as being effective for jump starting the healing process in the various tissues they have investigated.

Either this is the way the universe works or it is not.

Each of these diagnostic tools has a recently developed biomagnetic counterpart: Biomagnetic measurements generally require expensive equipment and shielded rooms to make sure you are not detecting noise from the electromagnetic environment. A valuable perspective comes from a quantum physicist, Dr.

His book, Energy Medicine, and his soon-to-be-released new book, Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance, are remarkable in the way they easily convey a scientific basis for hands-on healing. Energy Medicine and Longevity: