These topics include IPv4 and IPv6 network configuration, managing TCP/IP 1. Oracle Solaris TCP/IP Protocol Suite (Overview) The default is 10 seconds. Oracle Solaris Administration: IP Services Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information An IPMP configuration typically consists of two or more physical interfaces on the . For IPMP configuration tasks, refer to Chapter 31, Administering IPMP (Tasks). Oracle Solaris IPMP involves the following software: You can configure one of the interfaces down to 10 megabits and still place the two interfaces into the.

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DefaultFixed NCP to be enabled:.

Some Sun platforms might only support DR of certain types of hardware. Routers that are connected to the IP link are automatically selected as targets for probing. After an interface fails, the test addresses remain on the failed interface so that in. This test IPv6 address is configured only on the next reboot. If an interface with the same name as another interface that was missing at system boot is reattached using DR, RCM automatically plumbs the interface.

Similarly, if you configure as standby an interface that already has data addresses, these addresses automatically fail over to another interface in the IPMP group. If the cable for bge0 is unplugged, then link-based failure detection will report both bge0 and bge as having instantly failed.

How to configure Solaris 10 Link Based IPMP – The Geek Diary

An active interface is a physical interface that transmits both data traffic and probe traffic. As another example, suppose you have two megabit Ethernet NICs. Some failovers might not choose a standby interface. And the result is today’s’ unixadminschool. Internet Key Exchange Reference For example, you cannot place an ATM interface in the same group as an Ethernet interface.


Silaris Security Configurztion Overview. More Posts from this Category. This chapter contains the following information: If ce0 fails, its traffic fails over to ce1, as is the expected behavior of IPMP.

IP Security Architecture Overview.

How to configure Solaris 10 IPMP ?

Internet Key Exchange Overview. IPMP detects the following types of communication failures:. No test address configured on interface hme0; disabling probe-based failure detection on it. To turn on the failover attribute of the address, you would use the failover option without the dash All test IP addresses in an IPMP group must use the same network prefix.

Xolaris Automation – Live WebEx.

Rammeesh unix: IPMP in Solaris 10

IPMP eliminates single network card failure and it ensures system will be always accessible via network. The Primary Administrator role includes the Primary Administrator profile. If no routers exist on the link, in. Configuraiton really awesome article. These network interface drivers monitor the interface’s link state and notify the networking subsystem when that link state changes. NIC qfe0 of solariw testgroup1 is not plumbed for IPv6 and may affect failover capability.

Note — You need to configure test addresses only if you want to use probe-based failure detection. Similarly, if you configure as standby an interface that already has data addresses, these addresses automatically fail over to another interface in the IPMP group.

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Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. These interfaces and the data addresses that are configured on them are immediately available for use by the IPMP group.


How to configure Solaris 10 Link Based IPMP

You can find specific documentation about DR from the following resources. For more information on probe-based failure detection, refer to Probe-Based Failure Detection. Avoid using spaces in group names.

However, failover and failback cannot occur for an IPMP group with only one interface. Instead, these failovers sokaris choose an active interface with fewer data addresses that are configured as UP than the standby interface.

If an interface in the group fails or is removed for maintenance, IPMP automatically migrates, or fails overthe failed interface’s IP addresses. Administering Network Interfaces Tasks 7. Administering Network Interfaces Tasks. This process is known as load spreading. Test addresses are configured as logical interfaces of the physical interface that you specify to the ifconfig command.

In the both tests,we can clearly see IP is moving from eg1 to eg2 automatically without any issues. Link-local addresses are automatically configured when the interface becomes IPv6-enabled at boot time or when the interface is manually configured through ifconfig. Devices and File Systems.

This action is not shown in the examples. Check the IPv6 configuration. The probing rate depends on the failure detection time FDT.

If you want the configuration to be invoked in the current session, do steps 1, 2, and, optionally, 5.

Administering Mobile IP Tasks. Mobile IP Overview However, changes are lost across reboots. Arena-Node1 ifconfig eg1