Ibbo Mandaza remembers the first time he saw Grace Marufu: “She was very beautiful, pretty braids, sitting at the switchboard at State House.” But one day, a. On Hot Seat we focus on the disturbed political landscape in Zimbabwe. Political Scientist Dr. Ibbo Mandaza says President Robert Mugabe. TOP academic and publisher Ibbo Mandaza has called for a ban on “biased” African Union and Sadc observer missions from monitoring.

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And, it is the role of us civil society, academia, intelligencia to assist towards resolution of the problem.

NetOne pledges lower charges. Inshe punched a British photographer in Hong Kong for taking pictures of her at a mqndaza hotel. To quote Jonathan Moyo, that those who think Mnangagwa will succeed Mugabe will be seriously disappointed. Latest News Editor’s Choice.

Hot Seat: Mugabe thwarts “coup attempt” says political scientist Ibbo Mandaza

Ultimately it is really about how Mugabe can retain power, it is really about succession. Madinda Ndlovu targets title 38 mins ago 57 Views. On Saturday, he told a well-attended party rally in Murewa that the MDC Alliance would also soon unveil its election manifesto.

Chiwenga, doctors in crunch meeting 35 mins ago Views. There should be no elections until we tackle the crucial political hegemony that confronts us, which is reform of the state, reform of the national institutions which have been mzndaza by the Mugabe regime and making certain that we have generational change in our politics.

This week Robert Mugabe described Mujuru, his vice-president of a decade, as too simplistic. And, secondly, the expectation through the Lima Process that the Zimbabwe Government, Zimbabwe state, can reform has become a nightmare because there is no reform in the process. How far did the world leaders succeed in combating climate change? Were disguising, the reports that this was a disguised coup, and the coup was not against Kasukuwere, a coup is against Mugabe, a disguised coup, as evidenced, according to the reports, by a presence of soldiers who had been bussed, in civilian clothing, from Harare to Bindura, which in particular, provoked the attention of the security agents who have warned Mugabe that this is more than just an mandazx on Kasukuwere, this is a coup in the making.


Leave mwndaza Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rehabilitate stadiums, then shift football seasons.

Ibbo Mandaza takes aim at Mnangagwa

It is rather disturbing to realise that all this hullabaloo and country crisis is exacerbated by Mugabe clinging on to power, but would you blame him??? Is this still the case? DeMbare in Xmas shopping. The debate was to what extent she was her own person or a missile sent by her husband. But some of us have said before — the G40 is essentially Mugabe.

Well it has to do, essentially with the succession issue, as you pointed out in your introduction. Massive power outage hits southern Zimbabwe 27 mins ago Views. We need a mechanism through which we can assist them, together with the opposition, to reform; a national dialogue is what we are working towards.

Where are modern day Tongogaras? Govt, doctors in crunch meeting. Varun Beverages ups output to meet growing demand. It is all the usual grandstanding political theatrics on the part of Tsvangirai, mandasa he has accept the elections without the reforms then it is nonsense to then say he mandsza not accept rigged elections! Chiwenga Tragic end to church outing. What do you make of this mancaza coalition and what is their governance plan? The succession battles are becoming uglier and uglier every day and the indication is that we may even descend into violence and there are reports of attempted coup in fact.


Where did all the Zimbabwean man go? Redcliff MP lays down vision. She comes across as vapid and totally uncouth without a bit of finesse about her.

WATCH: Ibbo Mandaza predicts a Chamisa victory – Bulawayo24 News

Fuel shortage hits small-scale miners 1 hr ago 61 Views. The Chiefs are civil servants. Anonymous August 3, at And for good reason — they are not interested in reforms; they want to get back into power, back into office, back into salaries and state cars. Sections of this page. Well, they have been most opposed to it, the opposition parties.

Mike Campbell Foundation Nonprofit Organization. Mugabe early this month stripped the VP of the Justice ministry in a Cabinet reshuffle and Zanu PF is not organising a congress scheduled for December in what is largely seen as another choreographed event to further weaken Mnangagwa.

Zec reduces BVR centres. The Village Heads are civil servants. And the import of those three, was to suggest that Emmerson Mnangagwa was done.

Mnangagwa bombing victims send SOS 1 hr ago Views. By the opposition, I mean the opposition movement such as MDC and others. Top academic anorova dondo nguva dzose. This comes as a leading political analyst, Ibbo Mandaza, has predicted a victory for new opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in the elections — as long as the polls are free and fair. Hasi iye here wokuti Mnangagwa is a gonner, nhasi akainda ndiyani, hanti ndiMugabe waaipembedza.

Their abilities to attract voters are not known.