55 — Abundance (Expansion of Awareness) — ABUNDANCE (EXPANSION OF AWARENESS). Other titles: Abundance, Fullness, The Symbol of Prosperity. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘Abundance Of Love’. This fortuitous hexagram implies an abundance of excitement and. I drew Hexagram 55 unchanging. I’m having a hard time interpreting this, as it seems positive at first, but there’s an underlying sense of doom.

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Change from the Inside Out: Co-operate with the on-going process of change. If you strive for abundance so single-mindedly that you alienate those who are close to you, you will be left holding an empty bag.

The capital is so dark at noon we see the Dipper, constellation of fates. He peers through the gate and no longer perceives anyone. This is where the fire is, where the dance and celebration are experienced. Originally Posted by hexagon.

Your inner ideas will brighten outer events. No one but herself has any confidence in her. Tao and the Masters. If you go on, there will be exaltation.


Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #55 –

Even while attempting to assist someone else, you can only be harmed or misunderstood in the process. If you don’t, it will slip into more unfavorable times.

The longest day of the year means that tomorrow ushers in decline. I have found out that always asks for a decision to make. For now enjoy this period where your success shines brightly. No one is to blame.

I Ching Hexagram #55:

Peeping through its door, one sees not a single soul. This is a time to let love in.

In the image of heexagrama overflowing inner reserves, you are not made empty even while you give; this is the way of a kingdom of abundance. You have the ability to usher in abundance. So the bodhisattva must experience the complete communication of generosity, transcending irritation and self-defensiveness. The king attains abundance.

The answer or solution is available, but you or someone involved in the matter at hand doesn’t see it. Thunder and lightning come together; this is Abundance.


He will not have big achievements. His arm will no longer be used again.

iChing Great Abundance

A gusty wind and downpour cannot last all day. What we experience is always a reflection of our beliefs. This field should be left blank. Rid yourself of sorrow, melancholy and care. Heavy clouds — a fine drizzle can be seen.

55: Great Abundance

To me, the situation looks favorable, but with a possibility of being overwhelming. Hexagraja truth can win the confidence of the ruler. She has made her house large — she soars in her pride to the heavens. Rouse new growth by spreading abundance to all. Here, good fortune connotes the blessings already mentioned. My hexagama of you reading is that Yi throws back the question to you. If you attempt to push ahead, you will invite envy and suspicion.