Welcome to the website of the Robotics and Perception Group led by Prof. . RPG receives IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO) best paper award. What title would get you to buy a Transformers-based RPG? would be that the gears in “heavy gear” are piloted, while GearShift are robots. Which title would you prefer for a Transformers inspired RPG? then i put my vote for gear shift, if latter, Transforming Robot sounds cool.

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This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Please discuss this issue on the talk page. Welcome to Alessandro Simovic as a new drone engineer in our lab! Read the paper here and watch the video here. Really looking forward to running this. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Our recent work on decentralized visual place recognition from full-image descriptors was accepted to MRSthe first international symposium on multi-robot and multi-agent systems! Sep 3, – Oct 8, 35 days. Static computers depicted in fiction are discussed in the separate list of fictional computers. It’s a great, lightweight system which uses structured narrative scenes. Check out our latest work on active exposure control for robust visual odometry in high dynamic range environments: To celebrate our lab’s 3-year anniversary, we summarize in this clip our main achievements, projects, awards, exhibitions, and upcoming videos!

Robotics and Perception Group

We provide the code of our FAST event-based corner detector. February 1, RPG celebrates 3-year anniversary!

Further details are available here. June 2, Software Release: February 16, RPG research among the 3 most popular news of the University of Zurich of Our research on autonomous drones was featured on the University of Zurich Journal, ranking 3rd on the list of the most popular news release of For more details, see the IROS’14 paper and the accompanying video.

You build your weapon from the ground up, deciding it’s effective range, how much damage it does, if it uses physical ammo or energy, if it causes horrible burns, or other elemental effects and enhancements until you get the weapon you want. Sure, you might have the odd cybernetic implant here or there, but you didn’t go crazy with it.


Check out our media page! Titus Cieslewski, a PhD student in our lab, has received a prize from Homegate during the HackZurich hackathon, for the project Wonsch.

Recommend a Giant Robot RPG? | Giga-Robo! | BoardGameGeek

Anyone ever played Mekton? However, remnants from the old civilization are around. Share this project Done. Kickstarter is not a store.

We release ESIM, our new event camera simulator. August 7, RPG demo featured on the Swiss Federal Office for Deference Procurement website Our live demo of a quadrotor entering a collapsed building through a narrow gap was featured on the website of the Swiss Federal Office for Deference Procurement armasuisse. You are your own bot now, and although you may not be considered human you are still allowed to live your own life.

The game is also supposed to be very lethal with low HP amounts for regular humans and high damage from almost everything, especially mecha. I generally just have the players rp gearshuft moments like that, it produces nice and tense moments but it has to do mostly with writing and acting.

I’ll get home from work in about 7 hours, so if you have any extra questions ask and I’ll dig my copy out and try to answer them. We have deviced a Deep Neural Network, called DroNet, that teaches gearshifg drone how to fly autonomously and safely rpy the streets of a city, among other vehicles, by imitating the behavior or cars and bicycles!

They are just trying gearsuift become more android so they might be spared in the robot apocalypse. Also, it was selected as highlight oral talk, with an acceptance rate of 0. That’s exactly the kind of game I’m running actually and I’m having a lot robits fun gearshfit it. Our work on differential flatness of quadrotor dynamics subject to rotor drag has robote accepted for publication in the Robotics and Automation Letters.


Gain a PDF copy of the game when it is ready; as well as your name in the book and all stretch goals. All the art in the book will be in black and white and done by Daniel Olsen. January 23, DroNet: Fictional robots and androids Fictional gynoids Android science Humanoids Cyborgs. There’s a table in the game which basically determines how well a character escapes an exploding mech and it can go from totally fine to anime speech before death to total obliteration.

Estimated delivery Jan We are happy to announce the release of the code for recovering the brigthness map that caused the events to be triggered. If anyone bothers to check in on this; my main change is that every encounter should basically be PCs wild cards vs. Your group will still have to deal with human rights extremists who want androids reduced back down to mere servants. We used Deep Neural Networks to teach our drones to recognize and follow forest trails to search for missing people.

That said, I really enjoyed Robotech.

I’ve also heard good things about Chris Perrin’s Mecha. Check out the video hereand the paper here. If you ever wanted to play a game as an android with a plasma cannon that he can charge to devastating effect, a cyborg who can run up walls in order to attack an enemy helicopter, or even just a human struggling against a robot uprising, then this game is for you.

I feel the need to throw in for Gattaibushido: Geek Market Trades Geek Store. Our recent work comparing volumetric information gain metrics for object reconstruction is part of the Autonomous Robots special issue on Active Vision.