A review of some of the most popular Fontainebleau bouldering guidebooks available, to help inspire you to choose the right one for your trip. Get all the necessary information for a successful trip to Fontainebleau. Fontainebleau. France. Buy topo. Info; Map; Topo; Photos; Stories; Travel info; Get topo Fontainebleau is the most popular bouldering destination in the world and a. 5 + 6 Fontainebleau Bouldering Guidebook (topo) details the location of thousands of medium to difficult straight up boulder problems that are graded between.

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Right I’ve got some training advice. Get into the habit of taking your shoes off between problems, bring a pair of comfy shoes particularly if you are planning on doing circuits and try not to get any sand in your shoes as it will destroy your feet.

Published in May 2nd edition it covers 4, straight up problems, and is written in English text throughout. Hamfunk – on 21 Feb The best conditions are found on cold, dry winter days but it can get too cold to climb and there is always a chance of rain or snow.

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Mountaineers Books; Translation edition Author: See all contributors Karma. Yet I struggle desperately to climb 6a in Fontainebleau itself! This website Ellis Brigham is using cookies.

Activity Check out what is happening in Fontainebleau. The rock type is sandstone with mostly soft, flat and sandy landings.

That said, areas like Petit Bois are less busy and offer a nicer forest experience. The tiny edges known as grattons will test you edging ability. Approach Located close to Paris, so there are many options to get there. From them, several sectors can be reached by a short hike of about 30min.


Plus the venue descriptions are the most useful for someone who’s not familiar with where’s popular and where’s off the gude track. Families with younger kids: Country guide to climbing areas App Case Study: Worldwide Rock Climbing Guidebooks.

Bouldering in Fontainebleau Fontainebleau is the most popular bouldering destination in the world and a must visit place for every climber. Font has a habit of kicking arses, but in a very very pleasant way Were off out there again in 4 weeks, super psyched!

Bouldering in Fontainebleau | Full info & Best Topos

Otherwise there is a Decathlon in near to Bas Cuvier. To the OP – if you get fed up of the polish and pof at the classic venues, if you go off the beaten track the rock improves dramatically – there are even climbable slabs out there The Eurostar from Fonyainebleau to Paris is just over 2.

Pads are available too! Bring or buy a small piece of carpet or doormat to clean your shoes before you step onto the rock. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. One of the cheapest accommodation option is the hotelF1. How to get there?

A Beginner’s Guide To Bouldering In Fontainebleau – Ellis Brigham Blog

Within walking distance of some of the Trois Pignons areas. Beautiful minimalist design covering the harder problems. My favourite guide is the “Off-Piste”, but it’s perhaps not ideal for a first visit. Fontainebleau topos routes in 39 crags. Bus connection to Fontainebleau and Buthiers. The domain name www. Lemony – on 21 Feb Sean Bell – on 21 Feb To get the most out of a Font trip you really need a car, not alone to get to the boulders but for shopping and rest days.


A table alongside this map gives the problem number, its name and grade, along with additional comments if appropriate such as sit start. In the summer months there is a leisure centre at Buithers with boulering pools and lots of stuff for kids. Think Strategic How long are you going for? Jon Stewart – on 21 Feb Spot and get spotted, particularly on the desperate topouts.

Shopping For food the best option is the massive Carrefour in Villers-en-Bierethere are also many other smaller supermarkets in Milly, Neumors, Fontainebleau Town. Nowadays climbers travel from all over the world to boulder in Font and in terms of grade range, accessibility, rock quality and history it has no equal.

The holy grail of bouldering. Africa and the Middle East. Conditions and Weather Good conditions make a massive difference. Mix up the style of problems, slabs are a good way of giving the arms a rest. There are plenty fongainebleau holiday homes and Gites to rent, which is a good option if there is a group of you climbing. Far East and Austrailia.

Time outdoors working technical problems focussing on topouts will stand to you.