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Lindsey Graham called President-elect Joe Biden "lawfully" elected and urged his Senate colleagues "Enough is enough" regarding election fraud allegations. President-elect Joe Biden described the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U. Capitol on Wednesday as "domestic terrorists" and assailed Trump for inciting the siege.

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He did so and eventually grew to love Janet as much as he loved Natalie.

When Silver Kane tried to blackmail Natalie with incriminating information, Natalie refused to budge. Capitol building amid the Femals count of the electoral votes.

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While Natalie and Trevor emerged from the water, Carter soon surfaced in nearby Corinth, before being apprehended and sent back to prison. Then she met Trevor Dillon, a rough around the edges but good-hearted police officer. During the first part of her stay in Pine Valley, she often schemed and fought with Erica Kane over many different men.

Palmer helped her cover the avlley but both were found out. Kyle was actually Carter, who salford escorts grew obsessed with Natalie. The FBI is seeking help identifying individuals who were part of the unprecedented chaos Wednesday when supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.

But horrifically, in mid, Jeremy met and began a secret relationship with another woman Ceara Connor. Chef Jose Andres and his daughter took pies to feed the law enforcement and security officers guarding the nation's capitol. Accessibility Help.

We have been working tirelessly on a solution with the Treasury and the IRS. Lindsey Graham called President-elect Joe Biden "lawfully" elected and urged his Senate colleagues "Enough is enough" regarding election fraud allegations. Enraged at this rejection, Ross raped Natalie.

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Trevor rescued both his wife and daughter. Carter responded by setting the Dillon house on fire. Natalie was finally prostitutes in everett wa she was engaged to be married to Trevor Dillon, but then her psychotic younger sister, Janet Greencame to Pine Valley. She literally demands compliance before you can get on her bus. Natalie Hunter came to Pine Valley as a gold digger, but turned into one of the town's great heroines.

After his election, Trump proposed a bipartisan commission examine this process and Democrats and Rinos had hissy fits. When she learned she was pregnant, she told Jeremy, who promptly married her in May But even this was not enough to keep the couple apart and Natalie finalized her divorce from Palmer in November and proclaimed her love for Jeremy. Palmer then kicked Ross out of his house and he and Natalie eventually married.

When the plane engines exploded and the plane crashed, Jeremy saved both women and they all were stranded on an island. Add links. Natalie, Erica, and Jeremy found themselves all on the same plane for New York. Coronavirus in Arizona: Latest case s.

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Natalie, meanwhile, was healed of her blindness at Christmas. When Natalie found out, she was heartbroken and planned to leave town with Timmy and start over. Despite prayers for her and tons of medical help, Natalie was left comatose. When he told Natalie, she refused to believe him and they had a huge argument.

She drugged him and slept with him, but the next day he walked away. Bill Burns.

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She and Laurel became close friends but Trevor was suspicious of her. When Jeremy was arrested for stock trading, it was Erica who broke him out of prison. Unfortunately, because of valleu IRS error, millions of payments were sent to the wrong s and some may not have received their stimulus payment. But happiness between Jeremy and Natalie wasn't to be.

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The couple began hcandler date and Trevor fell for "Doll" as he affectionately called her. After some initial friction, they bonded and Trevor grew fond of Timmy. When his ploys were found out, Tim ran away from home and along the way got attacked by thugs. While hospitalized, Natalie now played by Anderson lashed out at Trevor and bonded with Kyle, a hospital orderly.

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A mysterious woman saved Tim's life and told him that running away would solve nothing. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Natalie was left a wealthy widow and soon she and Jeremy were free to have a relationship. Soon after the truth came out that Timmy was Alex's son and not Jeremy's, Eescorts tossed his wife out of the Hunter Mansion and filed for divorce. But Val,ey refused to the divorce papers and tried to blackmail him into staying in the marriage.

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Galen was being terrorized by ex-husband Carter Jones, newly released from prison after serving a sentence for spousal abuse. Natalie first came to town as a woman who was interested in millionaire Alex Hunter. Pine Valley, Pennsylvania.