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Jeagera 9, HR – Osijek, e-mail: In this way, instead of a short, uvvod and complete definition of a notion, there arises a comprehensive text on the basis of which one cannot figure out what it is about!!

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However, it is also important to include other components while deciding about the giftedness in mathematics, such as cognitive components of gift, personal components that contribute the gift development, strategies of learning and exercising, as well as some environmental factors. In this paper we will examine what language problems do students of the teacher training college of Baja have in elaborating on mathematical concepts, definitions and logical connections.

Area Number of schools Number of classes Number of pupils School population Osijek 20 Osijek — surroundings 9 91 Baranja region 11 Donji Miholjac region 4 94 48 Dakovo region 14 Nasice region 6 Valpovo region 6 76 TOTAL 70 The research carried out among the teachers in Osijek primary schools Pavlekovic and others, shows that there are more pupils who need adap- ted or special programs when learning mathematics than the number of pupils detected.

The shown model of how a particular notion of combinatorics can be deve- loped is presented by a concrete example.

That is why we will not separate steps when introducing new notions from combinatorics. Origami and Geometric Constructions, http: Only a few students will immediately choose a determinate system and follow it. Yes, only familiar with length metric units THEN: Within this theory we have defined two concepts: Developing mathematical reasoning, on the other hand, is a very complex activity that is intended particu- larly, though not exclusively, for students with a special interest in mathematics.


I multiply it by 2.

A first one is the angular velocity. Roughly, the model consists of three levels: That is a pity, since there are so many related objects and their properties. Possible options of the decision are: Math in Motion, http: All this, of course, applies to different types of giftedness, but is particularly pertinent for the mathematically gifted, 52 Proceeding of the International Scientific Colloquium because they find it more difficult than for the verbally gifted uvood communicate their achievements to the wider environment.

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Sentences like these are not altogether wrong since they are correct except for one case dividing by zero. This is erp makes handling with mathematical symbols difficult for many children. Errl to Anghileri Immediately after graduation professor Boris Pavkovic was employed at the Secondary School of Wood Technology, where he had already taught mathe- matics as a graduate student.

Research in the field of mathematics teaching implies multi- and interdis- ciplinarity. The smallest uvoe of pupils in a class was 17, while the largest number was Graphical representations as a bridge between concrete representations and mathematical symbols 22 Proceeding of the International Scientific Colloquium Graphical representation, drawn cars Figure 1is semiconcrete represen- tation, representation of subtraction with rectangles is an example of semia- nbstract one more distant from experience world in our case.



Expert system structure Knowledge base is the source of knowledge about particular domain acqu- ired from an expert in that area Ceric et al, There are various approaches to giftedness in literature Vlahovic- Stetic, among which are the approaches oriented to: Figure 3 presents a part of production rules that form the block Mathematical competencies, sub block Filozofiku and measurement. Results show that stu- dents applied this analogy on products, too.

Unfortunately we experience in our everyday lives that spoken and written language has diminished, which result in the misinterpretation of words.

Central symmetry, function, hyperbola, isometry, angles, rectangular parallelepiped, linear equation, logarithm, skew lines, perpendicular planes, pyramid, proportional quantities, rectangle, solution to simultane- ous equations, perpendicular bisector of the segment, chord, trapezoid, cylinder, volume, closed interval.

Bary center of modern mathematics education lies in introducing the scholars with scientific work and development of their thinking. Mathematics in the modern world – Mathematics and didactics – Mathematics and life – Mathe- matics and society, 3rd Mediterranean Conference on Mathematical Educa- tion, eds. Stogaje pri istrazivanjima u nastavi matematike neophodna suradnja sa znanstvenicima izvan podrucja matematike psiholozima, defekto- lozima, pedagozima, istrazivacima iz podrucja informacijskih znanostiiako drzimo da razvoj metodike nastave matematike treba njegovati u okvirima ma- tematicke struke.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, pp. In other words, it means that he or she is able iflozofiju represent his or her manipulation with concrete material both with a picture and with mathematical symbols.