First Look: The first colour E-ink reader is now available. But is it any good?. Color JetBook Color 2 Review Ectaco jetBook. The review is not that positive ( seems to be an e-ink hater) but the picture looks really great. My detractors aren’t going to be happy today. Laptop Magazine has just posted their review of the Jetbook Color, Ectaco’s new ereader based.

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Along the top right, you’ll find a slot for the included stylus. He fixes author sites, and shares what he learns on The Digital Reader’s blog. Keep in mind when you are reading a normal e-Book with no color displayed on the screen you will get a massive improvement on the text based experience.

What about PDF handling?

However, you will have to wait between taps to know if the device has recognized your input or not, and we often had to tap multiple times for our input to be read. Most people will purchase the Jetbook Color for the ability to use it in their home and not even use the student elements and this is something the company is betting on.

Where this device really shines is on comic books! This gives you a full color display to view a wide array of content and lets you experience e-paper like you never have before. I like it very much. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We saw less glare in direct sunlight on the JetBook Color than on the Kindle Touch, but indoors, the gray shades blended together. If i got a tablet id spend all day goofing off on the internet. You now have access to benefits that can help you choose right, be safe and stay informed.


My detractors aren’t going to be happy today. The JetBook’s display uses electromagnetetic touch recognition, so the only way to interact with the screen is by using the included stylus.

In our standard e-book reader tests of the readability of plain text, the Ectaco JetBook Color was only mediocre, on a par with the lower-rated e-book readers in our Ratingsavailable to subscribers. But where the LCD screens used on laptops and tablets can draw on millions of hues to render color, color E Ink is limited to about 4, Easy to read in direct sunlight; Supports a wide range of file formats; Interesting educational tools preloaded. We were promised by Ectaco that they would allow this functionality in a future firmware update.

It is certainly darker than the screen on my Kindle DX. He’s here to chew bubble gum and fix broken websites, and he is all out of bubble gum.

Unfortunately, even with the Wi-Fi on, there’s no way to access the Web because there is no browser included. That limitation probably helps explain the unsatisfying quality of color photos our testers displayed on the JetBook see the photo below. USB transfer is not essential inasmuch you can load your files on a micro SD card. When the blue led is off is always sleeps.

Ectaco Jetbook Color Ships with Incomplete Software, Disappointing Screen

Otherwise, the files do not appear at all. Also, content is limited. Or, the company claims you can load your own.


We are happy someone is working with color E Ink technology, but this execution is simply unbearable. The stylus registers as a magnetic flux on the panel, thus transmitting your intended marks.

Navigating menus, turning page pages, or launching programs demands an exercise in patience. This is one of the first e-readers in the world that is not aimed at the average consumer because of the fickle nature of the Western European and North American Markets. The Wifi and browser are coming in the second update, rview with USB host.

The company indicated that a browser was in the works for the future, but is not a priority because the schools who are the target audience for this device do not want their students surfing the Web during class. Ectaco is famous for having employees post comments in defense of their devices.

Ectaco Jetbook Color Review | Color E Ink eReader Reviews

You can read the full review if you like but I’m not sure you need to; it basically says what I wrote 3 months ago and again last week. But as an ereader, it is woefully incomplete. There is a settings, home, and back buttons and two manual page turns. On the bottom, you’ll find two speakers flanking a row of ports and switches: See you later, Mel.

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