free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Dymo DiscPainter Printer User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Find solutions to your dymo discpainter troubleshooting question. you can go to the dymo website and download the manual and see troubleshooting tips. USB Universal Serial Bus – DYMO – DYMO DiscPainter Manual USB Status Monitor Drivers Download – Update your computer’s drivers using DriverMax, the .

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Remove the old cartridge. Printing From Windows Controlling Ink Density Inkjet-printable discs are coated with a special material that allows the ink to adhere to the surface. Canon Dymo Esselte Costar. Close the top cover.

DYMO DiscPainter

Sample files for several common applications are provided to simplify printing from Printing From Windows It was fiddly to setup and unless it was on a dead flat surface, you would get rather mixed results from the printer. Dymo Labelwriter – Compatible Labels can you help please – I am looking for a Dymo Labelwriter printer – the Dymo labels for these printers are really expensive and so i want to be able to use There is no tray to align, or get stuck and the blanks stay in place as ink is applied.

I centered the image on the disc and then placed some text around and about, describing the contents for my granny. You can choose one of the supplied, but uninspired templates, or create one using discpxinter own graphics and text.


Chapter 2 Working with Discs This chapter describes how the DiscPainter printer works with inkjet-printable discs. Once set up, the printer is delight to use.

Most notable is the Discus label printing application, which lacks the polish and sophistication of competing software, such as Disc Cover from Belight Software. I also created a custom print template in Disc Cover and printed directly from the Disc Cover.


Don’t eymo an account? Page 35 Repacking the Printer for Travel Insert the foam packing block into the space on the right side of the ink cartridge. Select Share this printer. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Dymo DiscPainter Review

See “Installation Problems” on page 39 for more information. Printing Multiple Copies Select the desired features from the Printer Features menus.

The Installation keeps telling me that it will only work on mankal bit computer.

If you print dlscpainter discs that are not dyjo, the ink will not dry correctly and m Summary of the content on the page No. The software also allows you to design a jewel case insert using the same tools. The settings are described in detail in this chapter.

Replacing The Inkjet Cartridge Installation was a bit rocky. Select the printer discainter then click Add. Plug the printer into your computer with the supplied cable, and start the application that is supplied on the software CD, the application is called Discus and is very easy to use.


This was pretty straightforward: Inkjet-printable discs can be hub-printable also called full face or full coverage or non hub- printable. Troubleshooting Poor print quality on Dymo Label Controlling Ink Density Purchasing New Inkjet Cartridges Below are some general tips on using the printer with other applications.

The unit is small, lightweight, well-built, and oddly shaped printer measuring 4. First remove the multiple safety styrofoam inserts and protective tape. The printer is whisper quiet while printing. The Sample Documents folder is typically located in C: Remove the disc from the disc tray.

If so what would the cassette be called. Fast, normal, best Inkjet Density: Setting your white balance correctly saves time and frustration when it comes time to edit and opens up artistic options in the field. However, if you change the print options from within an application such as Adobe Photoshopthe settings you define are not saved.

This was a good system; it cost a lot and would sometimes spit discs onto the desk when the printing draw failed to open. Save your disc for future tests. Installing multiple DiscPainter printers is not supported at this time. Most discs should dry within seconds; however, depending on ink density, some discs may require much longer to dry.