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The outer part has a closed distal end and the inner part an open distal end. In the comparative case series clinical study, the mean duration of core vitrectomy procedures using gauge and gauge TDC vitreous cutter system was statistically significantly shorter than the mean operating duration for core Dofc performed utilizing a standard single-cut vitrectome of the same gauge. The associate of a double-cutting instrument for use in ophthalmic surgery was first patented in [ 4 ].

For all tests performed, a density of 1. If the higher double-cutting rate minimizes unwanted vitreous traction and reduces the risk of iatrogenic retinal damage is object of a safety designed ongoing study.

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In vitro investigations compared aspiration flow rates in artificial vitreous humor at varying cutter speeds and vacuum levels using a TDC vitrectome and a standard vitrectome across different aspiration pump systems.

The TDC vitrectome comprises a tubular outer part and an axially movable tubular inner part arranged in the outer part [ 7 ]. Time measurement of core vitrectomy duration was made by a secondary person without a need to change standard vitrectomy procedures of PPV for epiretinal membrane removal.

View at Google Scholar F. The idea involved inclusion of an opening in the internal guillotine pipe or inner vitrectome sleeve. The reported comparative evaluation of core vitrectomy duration in 80 patients undergoing surgery for macular pucker epiretinal membranes revealed that surgical case time using TDC vitrectome PPV is less than vitrectomy operating time performed using a standard single port cutter of the same gauge.

The artificial vitreous, consisting of a mixture of deionized water, agar, and hyaluronic acid sodium salt, was produced according to a protocol published by Kummer et al. Size 20, 23, 25, 27 gauge. Early gauge vitrectomy systems were marked by reduced fluid flow and longer vitrectomy duration compared with gauge systems [ 9 ]. Performance of the new generation gauge and gauge TDC vitrectomes was analyzed relative to the current generation or standard gauge and gauge cutter.


Until this is available, your continued use of this site will be deemed as consent to use of cookies. Docr each test, a priming procedure was performed to assocuate that the aspiration tubing of the cutter was completely filled with water and that the cutter was positioned with its tip into a cup filled with fluid.

In vitro tests demonstrate that a more predictable and consistent flow of vitreous around the instrument probe is achieved using a TDC vitrectome compared with a regular vitrectome system.

Alterations in geometrical design and size of vitrectomy probe, together with duty cycle, which is the proportion of time the cutter port is open rather than closed relative to a complete opening aasociate closing surgical cutting cycle, and cutting speed provide additional performance capabilities for more efficient and safer surgery.

We report below the methodologies and findings from in vitro comparisons of aspiration flow dynamics utilizing TDC and standard vitrectomes connected to different surgical platforms, together with methods and results of a prospective surgical case series study evaluating duration of core vitrectomy procedures and therefore comparative flow efficiency performance, using a TDC vitrectome system versus standard vitreous cutter system.

Associate Dual | Beye

Time and flow data were analyzed using linear least squares regression analyses and two-tailed -tests. When the classic gauge vitrectome was connected to the Associate system, aspiration flow rate decreased from 1. To evaluate comparative aspiration flow performance and also vitrectomy operating time efficiency using a double-cutting open port vitreous cutting system incorporated in a two-dimensional cutting TDC, DORC International vitrectome design versus standard vitreous cutter.

Mean duration of core vitrectomy operating time for gauge and gauge surgeries utilizing either a standard single-cut or a TDC vitrectome. The general principle of pars plana vitrectomy PPV surgery is to ensure complete vitreous removal with no residual vitreous left associae the procedure. In the author in cooperation with DORC International developed a newer vitrectome design, introducing a modified vitreous cutter technology called two-dimensional cutting TDC vitrectome system, launched in conjunction with the EVA ophthalmic surgical assoclate, a new aspiration system designed to provide both flow and vacuum control mode vitrectomy for enhanced intraoperative fluidics stability.


Initially, these tests were performed with water. Both parts have an opening in the tube, allowing continuous aspiration of tissue during a complete cutter cycle movement.

Investigators found that, using modified gauge vitrectomy probes, the time of aspiration remained almost constant irrespective of cutting speed, indicating almost no reduction of flow but, more importantly, that aspiration time was significantly reduced compared with a standard single port cutter.

Retinal traction increases with increasing aspiration vacuum and proximity to the retina and decreases with higher cut rates [ 1 ]. Overall, vitrectomy case duration using a TDC vitrectome in combination with the EVA surgical machine was shorter than vitrectomy operating time using a standard or classic single-cut vitrectome in patients undergoing vitrectomy for epiretinal membranes. Table of Contents Alerts. In vitro evaluations were undertaken to assess volumetric aspiration flow rates the main outcome measure of a two-dimensional cutting vitrectome compared with a standard vitrectome of the same gauge.

The degree of retinal traction created by vitrectomy cutters is influenced by the effect of time of aspiration, asxociate from the retina, and cutting rate. Statistical significance value of comparison between PPV durations performed using standard and TDC vitreous cutters was set at 0.

Experimental assessments show maintenance of constant high aspiration flow independent of cutter speed using a two-dimensional cutting TDC vitrectome for vitreous removal. The concept of a double-action surgical cutting probe has only recently been developed and incorporated into modern vitrectomy instrumentation probes that feature 600 cutter openings in the guillotine shaft, thereby performing a vitreous cutting action on both forward and backward stroke of the probe device.