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The use of a properly designed printed circuit board is very desirable as it speeds construction up considerably and reduces the possibility of making errors. This IC has the following dataxheet important features:. R1 is for the decimal point indication, hence no relevance on the measurement of voltage. Copyright of this circuit belongs to smart kit electronics.

The voltage to be measured is applied across points 1 and 2 of the circuit and through the circuit R3, R4 and C4 is finally applied to pins 30 and 31 of the IC. The working of this electronic circuit is very simple. You can use any common anode display.


Led display digital Voltmeter

Hi Seetharaman, Can you pls design a PCB for this lovely Circuit, or if you have one already,where can i download the same. Previous post Next post. There are many different types of solder in the market and you should choose a good quality one that contains the necessary flux in its core, to assure a perfect joint every time. The pin5 representing the dot is connected to ground only for the third display and its position needs to be changed when you change the range of the volt meter by altering Datasheft.


Thanks for pointing the mistake. How cani get -5V from my o-9v adapter?????? Kindly go through the following datasheet for 0 — 20VDC FS you have to use potential divider in the input.

Sir is it necessary to use MAN led display or I can use any common anode single digit display 2 years ago. In case if your final drive device can give high output with suffucient drive current, then you require a common cathode disply such that when ever the disply input goes high that particular segment will glow.

For switching ranges used 4 pole 3 way rotary switch, first pole changes resistor and second pole moves decimal point pin 5 on indicator from D1 at v DC to D3 ie v DC. All this sounds quite easy but it is in fact a series of very complex operations which are all made by the ADC IC with the help of a few external components which are used to configure the circuit for the job. Can you pls design a PCB for this lovely Circuit, or if you have one already,where can i download the same.

Led display digital Voltmeter – Electronics-Lab

Please double check connections and input voltage ripple. Hello A similar project is available with PCB and the works, do check the same.

PIN5 is the decimal point!! The seven segment displays must by common anode type.

(PDF) CS7107GP Datasheet download

Can anyone help me please? The difference with is that has a hold pin to enable LED display freeze function. This type of converter is generally preferred over other types as it offers accuracy, simplicity in design and a relative indifference to noise which makes it very reliable. This is an easy to build, but nevertheless very accurate and useful digital voltmeter. DO NOT use soldering flux apart from that which is already included in your solder.


The capacitor C2 which is connected between pins 33 and 34 of the IC has been selected to compensate for the error caused by the internal reference voltage and also keeps the display steady.

I sent an email listing all of the errors and omissions I found when building this voltmeter which I thought would be useful to the constructors who were having problems but someone has edited them out of my comments, why?

Then adjust R6 so that the display reads 0V. I need pcb layout of digital voltmeter using ic R4 controls the range of the voltmeter.

The resistor R6 controls the current that is allowed to flow through the displays so that there is sufficient brightness with out damaging them. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi, I have assembled all the parts as per the diagram.

For a fixed period of time the voltage to be measured is integrated to obtain a ramp at the output of the integrator. Audio oscillator circuit Simple function generator circuit Digital thermometer circuit Capacitance meter using LM Frequency to voltage converter using LM We recommend: You may also add a bigger filter cap.

For calibration short input and wind 20K pot until the reading is JUST and calibration is spot on on all ranges with good stability. Admin i build cs7107hp project together with your ct power supply but i have a little problem.