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George V or Ahna M ar cem t. MkhaA Rjchadun 5 Gmferr M. Then, two years ago, the Telefonjca Chess Gnb School, which sponsors chess teachers at 1 30 schools in the New York area, sent them a professional player, Maurice Ashley. He is seen full front in a highly unusual composition made more remarkable by the palette — a royal-blue tunic with a golden- ocher drape thrown over it — and the masterly handling of light.

Since the victory, the Rooks have been busy ac- cepting congratulations. Remember, you read it here first. The team, from Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

French Bac International Option since Familiar building fa- cades have been deconstructed, seemingly blown apart, and then put back together at odd angles and with offbeat domutao. Servem para facilitar a vida do usurio e do tcnico. That is “broadly what is going on now. Canmsswn Pantaue Sa 6!

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He has connections throughout Europe. Who wants a dark landscape by comutap obscure Ferdi- nand du Puigaudeau, interesting. Ins an art historian’s dream for its precise documentation. Yeltsin to hah labor unrest. Each one can be argued to represent a given type of decoration, shape, tech- nique, a certain stage in tbe evolu- tion of a manufacture. And in a city Tilled with just such scruffy patches of forgotten wasteland, it was among the bleakest, dreariest and most neglected lots of all.


SmaS grows intensive tegular and academic open ai year round. Telefonicca United States and the United Nations should say plainly that economic sanctions will remain in force until a totally different regime has taken over in Baghdad.

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It took about 15 min- utes to dispose of pieces adding up to a knockdown teefonica of 2. Ethnic division, if onsanctioned, is everywhere in evidence. Kimmiu, wiB leave for Beijing next week to talk with officials about China’s deteriorating relations with the United States, according to administration officials. Meanwhile, for Burma now there is onlv the law of the gun. Smith had been ready to run that night. They took their time, and they were absolutely poker-faced at the board. The debt-ridden district serves an area of square miles square kilometersfrom the work- ing-class inner city of Richmond to the suburban communities of Con- tra Costa County.

This is the very kind of Dutch painting that had a derisive influ- ence on the English school which came into being half a century later. The label throws out the tantalizing suggestion thai it might trlefonica the earliest evidence of a pageant of mourners on such tombs.

The CCA, as it is known here, lies on the opposite side of a broad boulevard from Chantey’s park, which serves as the museum’s gardens.

The en- try says collection fTim amateur. A new breed of internationally minded business leaders and diplomats here has been pushing hard to make Japan nation take a broader role on the global stage.


Tantalizing, that is, to those smitten by the bug of icooographic research as tins writer admits being. Ja- pan would accept the idea of recog- nizing the 20 percent figure as a reasonable target. T HE ONE plausible an- swer to the woes of Drouot would be to or- ganize collective sales in each category or, at the most, col- lective sales held by two rival groups, not three or four, and rule out solo performances.

In the giant Kuzbass coal basin in Siberia, the most radical region on strike, a spokesman for the strikers said Friday that nearly all miners had joined the strike. The union yields a neutral paitide.

We just concentrate on our chess. Yet a decade ago, the streets of American dries did not teem with the impoverished homeless. I except Sundays and Monday mornings. There are two or three more gems. The domestic dimension to this is important. Wednesdkiy 15th May from 1 f a m. This time around, the organiz- ers describe themselves as “directors,” the ornate exhibition site as a stage. Many of the aimed security po- lice puled out during the nightun- der threat. Salzburg bileruatioaal Preparatory School Moosinuse a, Salzburg.

No sistema podem ser criadas de 1 64 categorias diferentes.

Both museums wifl open after the Games. On Ins departure Iran Israel, Mr. When the CCA opened.

Of the lots.