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Hayley has been selling sex for 15 years. Because they're battling for business, because they're desperate prostituts get crack. BBC Three. They sell sex to pay for their habits. Some do it to pay for Christmas presents for the .

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Kristina has been working in the red light district for a decade.

She explains the low prices are a recent problem. They sell sex to pay for their habits. You can find information and support regarding sexual abuse and violence from these organisations. Frits runs a bookshop in the red light district and often invites the women in for coffee, a moment of respite from the abuse and intimidation they are subjected to in the street.

But many of those with connections to the sex tri cities escorts worry it would push the women underground.

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Originally published 27 September Do not underestimate what that does to a city. Amsterdam's red light windows. The nursery in Amsterdam's red light district. No-one seems to know exactly how many women work in the city's sex industry. They are essentially raped every day. The Dutch capital's first female mayor is trying to find a solution.

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Amsterdam's prostitutes targeted by Dutch tax officials. Michaela Edwards is a project manager for the charity Streetwise, which has a late-night van where sex workers can get condoms, food, drinks and emotional support.

Prostitution will increase in private homes, in hotels. Are universities doing enough to look after students?

Guidance: contains adult themes. Every weekend, they offer support to around 15 women, aged between 18 and Prostitution was legalised by the Dutch government in In the justice ministry announced that a special public prosecutor would close down prostitution windows connected to organised crime syndicates The sex industry remains synonymous with violence, drugs, money laundering and other criminal activities Window brothels are overrepresented in human trafficking investigations.

Copy this link. The women will be invisible. Streetwise has been working in the area for 10 years. Some to pay the rent after getting their benefits cut.

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I didn't give birth to a baby'. She has suggested an increased police presence, on-the-spot tourist fines and the use of "Code Red" - an emergency warning - to divert visitors when the historic hub gets too overcrowded. Amsterdam Prostitution Netherlands Women.

Four young men in puffa jackets jostle, slapping their palms against the glass windows, waving at women posing in lacy lingerie. Having their photo placed on social media could see them ostracised by their prostituyes.

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Human trafficking rescues increase in Northern Ireland. Many of the windows already have "Te Huur" for rent s displayed. And she feels safe here. Published 9 August Michaela Edwards, Streetwise. Kristina opens her door, shivering as the icy air hits her exposed stomach.

She argues that facilitating the sex business - requiring the women to register and pay taxes - essentially makes the government the pimp. Some of the women try to rob their clients, further increasing the risk of violence against them.

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Kristina has no desire to move. How to masturbate.

Most Popular. For many this is a secret life. It's warm and sparse: a mirror, black plastic mattress, antiseptic hygiene gel, alarm and fluffy slippers.

Amsterdam prostitution menu: prices & services

As he guides me though the spider's web of cobbled alleyways, many of the prostitutes throw him a familiar wave. Liam has lived on Sheil Road for five years, and keeps an eye on the working girls.

But many of the women who sell their bodies are increasingly struggling to attract paying clients because their shop windows are obscured by selfie-snapping tourists, interested in free photo-ops rather than paid sex.