Biografi Chairul Tanjung on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and. Indonesians know Chairul Tanjung as Minister of Economy, but the Jakarta born businessman has several successful companies before being. Biografi Chairul Tanjung (). Retrieved August 30, from http://info-

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His name is widely known as a successful businessman with the company he leads, the Group, Chairul has started doing business when she attended from the Department of Dentistry, University of Indonesia. Specialized in property business, the Bioggrafi has Bandung Supermall. He bought Bank Karman and changed its name to Bank Mega.

He obtained a bachelor’s degree bbiografi the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia. Not all results can be received directly. According to him, building a business is not like turning the palm of the hand. Monday, 31 December Chairul Tanjung Chairul said that in building a business, develop a network network is important.

Tanjung is old order era journalist who publishes a small circulation newspapers. Renowned Forbes magazine released a list of the world’s richest people His holding company is CT Corp. Chairul Tanjung was born in Jakarta on June 16, His parents wanted their children to be successful so they worked in a company.

Luck sided with him, because the company immediately received orders of thousand pairs of shoes from Italy. If you enjoyed this article just click hereor subscribe to receive more great content just like it. In the financial sector, he took over what is now Bank Karman Bank Mega.


Biografi Chairul Tanjung

Under the group, Chairul has a number tqnjung companies in various fields such as: CT Corp consists of three sub-holding companies: Test Copy Theme, me and you, not what-what, enjoy this.

Regarding the purchase of Carrefour, the MoU memorandum of understanding signed the share purchase tanggal12 Carrefour in France in March When arriving in the New Order era, his father’s business was forced to close due to politically opposed to the rulers at that time. Create your page here. For Chairul, even friends with any official letter carriers is important.

Directing business to a conglomerate, Chairul reposition itself into three core businesses: Forbes stated that Chairul ranks th richest person in the world with total assets of U. But getting a reliable partner is everything. Regarding the purchase of Carrefour, the MoU memorandum of understanding purchase of Carrefour’s shares was signed on March 12, in France.

Biografi Chairul Tanjung

By tannung this site, you biogtafi to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is the former Coordinating Minister for Economics in the Indonesian cabinet. His family economy turns degrees where their big house and cars were sold to cover debt and for a living, they must live in a tiny apartment. In business, Chairul said that the younger generation businesses should be patient, and willing to venture up the stairs one at a time.

It takes a patience, and never give up. Do not let the many who take the instantaneous instantbecause in the business world patience is one key to steal the heart of the market. Chairul are in a family with six other siblings.


Retrieved 17 January He worked with Morita to establish the business. Inhe bought a minority cuairul of Garuda Indonesia.

He named the company with the Group. Chakrul him, this is not an attempt to sell the country. Build integrity is important for Chairul. His parents was A. Leading economic magazine Forbes released a list of the world’s richest people in edition. Building a relationship was not only to companies that are reputable, but also on an unknown though.

Chairul Tanjung

Later he founded a group of companies with the name of the Group. While studying, he and his two friends started a shop that sold books and T-shirts then they rapidly became a big shop selling doctors and laboratories equipment.

Chairul Tanjung was born in Jakarta. He expanded his business interests into insurance and securities. He was born in a very rich family because his father is a reporter and established a magazine company. And in college, he was honored as National Model Student Newer Post Older Post Home.

He bought Bank Karman and changed its name to Bank Mega.

Chairul Tanjung Biography – Businessman From Indonesian – Test Copy Theme

Inhe bought a minority share of Garuda Indonesia. Views Read Edit View history. His holding company is CT Corp. Forbes stated that Chairul ranks the world with total assets of U.