Manualc di l&Eruzionc instruction Manual Mcded Emplol @BERETTA _e . 11 TYPE F DESCRIPTION Beretta S semi-automatic pistols, available in. Unofficial Beretta Site: really neat site, complete with the history of the model 92 70 (Thanks to Ed Ruesing, he gave me the opportunity to post the manual). Field Stripping. Last Updated on Sat, 10 Nov | Beretta S Semi. WARNING: Make sure the pistol is unloaded. If not, unload it following the.

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Free Shop Manual – Downloads: Firearms / Guns / Pistol / Handguns

See also following paragraph. The only certain way to ensure maual a firearm is empty is to open the chamber and visually examine the inside to see if a round is present. Clean and oil your firearm, following the instructions provided in this manual, after each use to prevent corrosion, damage to the barrel or accumulation of impurities which can prevent use of the gun in an emergency.

Type D pistols have a double-action-only mechanism that always maintains the hammer lowered. Amnual aid sighting under low light conditions, the sights are equipped with white dots.

Read carefully the special features for the particular model of Beretta pistol you are using. In case you hear an unusual noise when shooting, stop firing immediately, ingage the manual safety and unload the firearm.

Model S – Type F pistols fire double action on the first round and single action on subsequent rounds. The tab is located on the right side of the pistol’s slide, janual the chamber, and can be both seen and felt, allowing the user to check the chamber at night by 900s or during the day by checking for the increased protrusion of the red tab.

Beretta 9000 S Owner Manual (IT – ENG – FR)

Type D models are designed for users who want to be able to fire their pistol immediately, without disengaging a safety lever. Type D pistols are designed to fire in the double action mode only. To further familiarize yourself with the proper use of this or other firearms, take a Firearms Safety Course taught by an expert in firearms use and safety procedures.


Only point a firearm at manjal safe to shoot.

The pistol will 90000s the first shot in double action. The chance that gas, gunpowder or metal fragments will blow back and injure a shooter who is firing a gun is rare, but the injury that can be sustained in such circumstances is severe, including the possible loss of eyesight.

Firing against an obstruction can rupture the barrel and injure yourself or others nearby. The slide is designed to stay open after the last cartridge has been fired and the spent shell casing has been ejected. Manuual Firing Pin Block Fig.

Printed Manuals | Beretta USA e-store

Keep your finger away from the trigger whenever you do not intend to fire. Some bullets can travel over a mile. The slide continues its rearward travel extracting and ejecting the fired cartridge case, rotating the hammer and activating the two recoil springs. Always check the barrel prior to loading to ensure that it is clean and free from obstructions. It is your responsibility to insure that children under the age of 18 or other unauthorized persons do not gain access to your firearm.

The Type D pistol is ready to fire as soon as the chamber is loaded. To reduce the risk of I accidents involving children, unload your firearm, lock it and store the ammunition in a separate locked location. Do not leave lubricant inside the magazine box. No further disassembly is recommended unless done by a competent gunsmith. Store and carry your firearm so that dirt or lint does not accumulate in the working parts. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any injury or property damage resulting from improper or careless handling, intentional or accidental discharge of the firearm.


Model S cal. Both sights are removable and replaceable. Do not manually pull the hammer to the rear and release, doing so will damage the firing pin and firing pin block mechanism. The lock-up of the barrel is obtained by its two locking lugs engaging the slide.

This feature reduces the likelihood of inadvertent discharge on subsequent shots.

Never assume that a firearm is unloaded. Front and rear sights are designed for swift target acquisition.

Never rely solely on a safety device to prevent an accident. To reduce the risk of accidents involving children, unload your firearm, lock it and store the ammunition in a separate locked location.

Printed Manuals

Loaded chamber indicators are designed primarily to allow noiseless inspection of the pistol to ensure that it is loaded in situations when it may be dangerous to operate the slide the action of pulling back on the slide may make noise and will temporarily render the pistol inoperable or when it is dark. Hunters and target shooters should load their firearm only at their destination.

Model S pistols have an internal spring which holds the firing pin rearward until the force of the spring is overcome by the force of hammer fall. The type and capacity of magazine for current Model S pistols is as follows: To carry the pistol with the firing chamber loaded and the hammer decocked, move the manual safety all the way upward, past the safety position Fig.