BEKOMAT 32 – Article-No.: – Electronic steam trap – When producing and conditioning compressed air, condensate inevitably accumulates, oily and. The BEKOMAT condensate drain works with a capacitive sensor. For this reason, the BEKOMAT – compared to devices with timed drain valves – often. BEKOMAT 32U Vario Service Unit(FR) [pdf KB] · BEKOMAT 32U Vario Service Unit (PT) [pdf KB] · BEKOMAT 32U Vario Standalone (EN) [pdf KB].

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A capacitive sensor detects the level of the condensate.

Compressor Around 60 percent of the total condensate is produced in the after cooler of the compressor. Multistage compressor If the condensate from the intercoolers of a multistage compressor is not 3 removed, it will get into the next compressor stage.


BEKO achieves these targets through a construction that has never been realized until now, and consists of only two units joined by a simple, snap-fi t connection.

Your cart is empty. Description Technical Specifications Accessories When producing and conditioning compressed air, condensate inevitably accumulates, oily and frequently polluted with dirt particles.

This will cut costs and prevent damage. At maximum level, a diaphragm opens, through which the condensate is discharged through the system pressure. Put a request Find Trader.


bemomat Dimensions and weights Weight approx. Dryer Up to 25 percent of the total condensate separates from the vapour in the refrigeration dryer. Condensate formation is unavoidable.

The solution is a condensate drainage system adapted to the actual amount produced. Complete replacement of all wearing parts and pressure-bearing parts with just one handle. When continuing on our website you agree with them. The membrane is closed before compressed air can escape The advantages at a glance No unnecessary compressed air losses Derivation according to the amount of seizure Sensor detects every type of condensate Insensitive to dirt simple electrical installation V Low maintenance Including service unit Economical: When producing and conditioning compressed air, condensate inevitably accumulates, oily and frequently polluted with dirt particles.

It is always a by-product of compressed air generation and spreads throughout the entire compressed air network. Maintenance that once took hours, now takes only seconds.

Filter What is the use of a perfect filter if the condensate drain is not matched to the task or not functioning correctly? The rest occurs anywhere in the network as the compressed air cools down.

Condensate Drain by Bekomat – 225 SCFM – Model 32

Add to a new shopping list. Login to rate or review this product. Retailer prices may vary. Around two thirds of the condensate is produced in the after cooler. Even more reliable, with belomat and problem free installation.


BEKOMAT32U Beko BEKOMAT 32 condensate drain service modular 5 M3/min*

Hazardous areas For application in hazardous areas where spark pre-vention is crucial. Prices are recommended retail prices, for which existing promotional offers have not been taken into account.

Receiver More than 10 percent bekomaat the total condensate stems from the air receiver. They even manage leaking water-coolers. This problem is inherent in the system and can cause both damage and higher costs. Bekomag ,85 EUR incl. Save resources, increase efficiency. Vacuum A device specifically developed for vacuum or pres sure less systems with operating pressures from 1.

Our customers are clearly convinced by the high economic efficiency and reliability of the device: Therefore, efficient drying requires equally efficient condensate drainage.