One exception is the Gelastocoridae, which are riparian and possess short antennae. The truly Most aquatic and semiaquatic Hemiptera are predatory. Hemiptera, Gelastocoridae, Nerthra, China. Introduction. Toad bugs ( Gelastocoridae) are a remarkable group of aquatic bugs (Nepomorpha). which are derived. Key to California semiaquatic and aquatic Hemiptera based on habitats and habits of the Nepomor- pha. suggested that the Ochteridae and Gelastocoridae.

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Gelastocorid bugs manage a staggered run to seize prey, killing it with their needle-like mouthparts.

Identification and Ecology of Australian Freshwater Invertebrates

Bugguide is hosted by: Click the contributor’s name for licensing and usage information. The digital photographs of specimens Fig. Connexivum broadly expanded laterally in both sexes. Ventral surface and the apex of the fore, aaquatic, and hind legs dark brown.


Family Gelastocoridae – Toad Bugs

Transactions of the Natural History Society of Formosa Apart from the no doubt considerable physical protection that the armour affords them, the layer of sand renders them effectively invisible on the ground unless they move at the wrong moment.

Connexivum greatly expanded laterally in females. Open in a separate window. Body large size for the genus.

Tijdschrift voor Entomologie Published online May Schuh; James Alexander Slater The life cycle is poorly known. Hemelytra not quite reaching end of abdomen in the females, membrane well developed; embolium narrow at base, dilated before middle, anterior portion and apex of dilation more or less rounded. Lobes of ovipositor slightly projecting posteriorly; posterior margin of last visible abdominal sternite triangularly emarginate Fig.

Gelastocoridae are riparian insects, generally found at the margins hemipfera streams and ponds, where they are predators of small insects. It is divided into two subfamilies, Gelastocorinae and Nerthrinae. Heteroptera with Coleorrhyncha were referred to as Prosorrhyncha. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.



Gerroidea Gerridae water striders Hermatobatidae Veliidae riffle bugs. Nepomorpha and Gerromorpha of Vanuatu.

Some Northern Hemisphere species deposit eggs in small holes in mud under stones near the water. XML Treatment for Nerthra indica. Lingnan Science Journal 12 Supplement: Mononyx turgidulus Distant, Views Read Edit View history.

Like other Heteropterathey have hemelytra for their forewings and piercing-sucking mouthparts.

Gelastocoridae – Wikipedia

Yelastocoridae of many species cover themselves with a layer of sand grains. Heteroptera from China I. Kment and Jindra The Netherlands Entomological Society, Amsterdam23— Aradidae flat bugs Termitaphididae termite bugs. Gelastocoridae toad bugs Ochteridae velvety shore bugs. Please consider a year-end gift to BugGuide!

Fore leg with one claw two in nymphs!