I am thinking of making a Quenya course for English speakers. Although it’ll take me a while to consider the benefits and disadvantages, I have a pretty good. QUENYA Una mujer se paró enfrente de Esbelia. –¡Quiubo, mami! Esbelia – Mucho gusto, repitió Quenya. De modo que Suleica debería aprender de mí.

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Many people also like to use Ardalambion as a source.

I am thinking of making a Quenya course for English speakers. I think course creators should choose the most popular resource, and other important resources should be treated xprender dialects.

Real languages have internal history; they have changed over time but you can learn the modern form of the language. So which ending should be used in the course?

Just curious, where did you learn LOTR languages? Let’s make this course happen! Tolkien seems to have based Quenya on Finnish see http: When I saw that Klingon and High Valeryian were becoming available I was excited but also disappointed that Quenya hadn’t made the cut yet.

Como se diz (…) em Quenya?

Hope you’ll find the time: First, take a look at http: If you mean “learn” in the sense in which one can “learn German” or “learn Japanese”, then the short answer is that you can’t; see the previous question [part of which the previous poster quoted]. But yeah, Neo-Quenya isn’t exactly what Tolkien would’ve wanted I’m sure, and regardless, Duolingo only does so much, so I agree.


Ardalambion Of the Tongues of Arda, the invented world of J. It is a cool and beautiful language, qquenya its not so practical to be honest. If you mean aprenver in the sense of “learn Gothic” or “learn” any other fragmentarily-preserved, non-living language, then one answer is to read well-researched, thoroughly documented, purely descriptive articles and discussions about the languages, based upon Tolkien’s writings and free from artificial, utilitarian agendas; and to do so in conjunction with an independent examination of the aprendeer cited to verify claims.

Although I want Duolingo to do more real languages, if this is how it’ll be, then why not? I learning english and Germani. Smith’s fonts for Tolkien’s most beautiful Elvish script! Moreover, the Ambar Eldaron site features a French translation of my Quenya course. HannaDymava 20 11 9 9 2 2 He even changed things after they were published in LOTR. About upvotes will go a long way to convincing the admins.

Compared to Khuzdul or even Sindarin, qenya fairly complete.

Como se diz (…) em Quenya? | Quenya

But of course, having the author alive helps: Tolkien One of the most comprehensive sites about Tolkien’s invented languages that you are likely to find on the net.

I know of a few ‘elvish’ based on quenya with a more functional vocabulary, but those use both simplified grammar and the words don’t achive the same flow as quenya have. Ardhon Ellammath – “Realm of the Elf-languages”, with many sound-files of Elvish texts read aloud! The Tynntangial page – with some Quenya vocabulary stuff and yes, this is where I stole the background for this page! I even signed up for the Klingon course.


Lindor87 12 11 6 5 4. Really cool though, I love how you studied it so intensively!

Tengwar Quenya Mode Quick Guide | Geeky Stuff in | Pinterest | Tolkien, Elvish and Alphabet

I fear that if such a course were made, though, it would actually necessarily be a form of Neo-Sindarin. Whereas you can finish the Spanish or German tree and have a decent knowledge of those languages but have a woefully small vocabulary compared to a native speaker, the Quenya and Sindarin course can qufnya that someone who completes the whole tree will have a complete mastery of not just the grammar but also the entire known vocabulary.

I am a Lord of the rings fan, and I would love to learn the language.

I would also point people aprenxer another quote from the link above: And by the end of the course you can say just about anything you want given the limited vocabulary without encountering too many of these grammatical uncertainties. Of course it would still be difficult to choose the source.

Delta 25 12 12 8 8 7 5 4. There are already flash options available on Tolkien fansites that such a keyboard could be based off of Nothing wrong with aprendef up languages, provided they are not the only one you learn and that is only an opinion.