Transport Aérien / Madagasikara Airways: d’Inter Iles à Go Comores. Inauguré le 24 septembre dernier, la compagnie Madagasikara Airways a desservi. The Comoros Archipelago is situated in the north-east of Madagascar, at the entrance of the Mozambique Channel. The Archipelago, which appeared in the. PRACTICAL HEALTH INFORMATIONS The international vaccination booklet against yellow fever and cholera is recommended for all visitors coming from.

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Local biodiversity is, however, constantly threatened by environmental degradation through deforestation and coastal pollution caused by nonbiodegradable wastes.

The emergence of the passport industry suggests that comradeship has given way to commerce, and that citizenship is becoming a commodity to be bought and sold.

By the mids, the Comoros had become a peaceful democracy, and inthen-president Azali Assoumani invited Kiwan and other businessmen back to the Comoros in the hope of encouraging them to invest. The maki of Mayottea type of lemur found on this island, is protected by French law, and by local tradition; it is believed to have been introduced from Madagascar. After Kiwan picked the Comorians up at the airport, the men were shuttled away in limousines to a high-end Kuwait City hotel to rest up.

Grande Comore NgazidjaAnjouan Ndzwani He spoke of peace, cooperation, and national unity.

Albalad Comores

The Comoros underwent a political crisis that started off in with the separatism on Anjouan. To document the Bidoon, some countries in the region were willing to pay good money to procure Comorian citizenship in bulk, the businessmen claimed.

But the company never completed the plans, which grew into a serious point of contention with government officials and the population at large. The plane began its descent toward Kuwait City some six hours later. Before Kiwan arrived on the scene, there was already a market for second citizenship — but it was targeted at the super-rich. Sambi was also devastatingly charismatic.

It is unclear how many, if any, eventually received Emirati passports as a result.


Comores infos, 1er site d’information des Comores | Actualités et Habari Ya Comores

comres Kiwan had even fallen out with his longtime ally President Sambi in the final months before he left office. Rain is abundant, with up to 2 mm of annual rainfall. The dream of Dubai-level development in the Indian Ocean turned out to be a bust; the Comoros gained little from the initiative.

Kiwan had convinced key players on both sides to join him. How they did so mattered very little in his eyes. On the one hand, allbalad had it all: The climate is also characterized by important local variations in temperature and precipitation according to altitude, relief and the degree of exposure to the elements.

Twenty-two species of birds are endemic to the archipelago, and seventeen of them only live on territories controlled by the Union; especially notable examples of these are the Karthala scops-owlthe Anjouan scops-owl and Humblot’s flycatcher.

On December 31,Comoro Gulf Holding rang in the new year with an open house party at the newly renovated Itsandra Beach hotel. After dinner, the delegates reportedly received laptops and watches as gifts. Back in the Comoros that November, the men gathered in the national assembly to debate and vote on the economic citizenship abalad.

In the Emirates, the Bidoon were told that taking Comorian citizenship was the first step to becoming Emirati. The Islands of the Moon are known for harbouring several endemic plant and animal species.

The farming sector constitutes of the This low pressure favours gusty winds and cyclones. The couple had one son, Jad. The farming sector constitutes of the Such a destitute country could not afford to be high-minded about a few pieces of paper. Today, some to Comorians live in France, 55 in Mayotte and 40 in Reunion Island. Islam was introduced in the thirteenth century, with the arrival of the albqlad Chirazians in the country.

Lemurs of Madagascar 2nd ed. The presence of the Bidoon would help native Comorians, who would benefit from increased investment in their country. The passport industry had thus far only served those who could afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain a second citizenship.


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He told me that he found willing partners in the Emirati interior minister, Saif bin Zayed al Nahyan, and his secretary-general, police chief Major General Dr Nasser al Nuaimi. More precisely, in order to minimize the felling of trees for fuel, kerosene has been subsidized, and efforts are underway to replace the lost forest cover caused by the distillation of Ylang-ylang for perfume. The Comoros have been inhabited since the 6th century; among the peoples who crossed the sea to populate the islands are the BantuMalagasyand IndonesianArabsPortugueseFrenchand Indians.

Sinceinternational organisations have been given some clues — few of them consistent with one another — about how much money ended up in state hands.

He was soon joined by 15 others.

InKiwan was named honorary consul of the Comoros to Kuwait. One former manager who spoke on condition of anonymity suggests that the sum was less and that most of the money came from Kiwan, not from outside investors. He began to make regular trips to the islands, until his visits became a near-monthly occurrence. Even if the authorities albalzd willing to divulge how much money they received and what they spent it on, there would likely be dozens of versions of the truth.

Before Kiwan turned his attention to the Comoros, he had made his fortune with Al Waseet International, a tangle of media and advertising companies that employs around 4, people in a dozen countries across the Middle East and eastern Europe.