The Blue Elephant () Karim Abdel Aziz and Marwan Hamed in The Blue .. The writer Ahmed Mourad changed the movie’s ending from his original novel. Mourad has written the novels Vertigo, Diamond Dust and Blue Elephant. Based on Ahmed Mourad’s best-selling novel by the same title, “Blue Elephant” the dance performance is being staged by the Egyptian Modern Dance Theatre.

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What is the relationship between the novel and the visual media? There, a surprise awaits him that turns his life upside down.

In a word, fantastic! As of 2 October, the film had received almost 14, ratings on the Internet Movie Database website.

Book Alert: Writer of Blue Elephant Ahmed Mourad to give talk on his work at AUC New Cairo

I did not write Vertigo. I go through levels of reading.

The events of the book are built around the main character, Mourxd, a psychologist who returns to his practice after five years of chosen isolation, a feeble attempt to heal from a loss. In the end I reach my destination but what happens along the way is usually subject to changes, sometimes major, and that even surprises me as I work. For two years I befriended the doctors at the hospital and was able to frequent it any time.

The Blue Elephant (By Ahmed Mourad) | Scribble Away

I like the element of thrill and suspense in a novel but it is not the essence. His sons grandfather is fighting for the custody of the young boy after the death of his mother. He helped me gain access to the ward ahmee patients who have committed the most heinous crimes are held.


HoweverThe film was published on June 25, across Egypt to a mixed critical reception from audiences and critics alike. The translators though exert a huge effort in translating the work and I believe I was quite lucky with my books because both translators, whether English or Italian, have a lot of experience and from what I read from the English, it was very fair in its depiction.

Watch the spooky Diamond Dust promo here: I wrote the review in English for a magazine I used to work for. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The whole process of writing is tough, but the most challenging thing really is facing myself.

Witnessing the Killing of his father as a kid, Ibraheim is dragged to the criminal underworld of Egypt. Notify me of new comments via email. The Aquaman star picks which of his fellow DC Universe villains would win in a battle. April 26, April 26, mlynxqualey. How did you prepare for it? His return coincides with the arrival of Sherif, a patient accused of killing his wife.

The Blue Elephant | International Prize for Arabic Fiction

Related The Blue Elephant: Also, a plot that has a crime is difficult for some writers. Ellephant more More Like This. Among the patients is his best friend, who he tries to help – but not without getting himself into trouble. Why do you think relatively few Egyptian writers are writing thrillers?


That sort of thing. Egyptian novelists births Living people. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. An Egyptian woman discovers that her husband is in fact a Jewish Mossad agent working for Israel. Yehia Rashed Karim Abdel Azizwho returns to his job 5 years after the death of his loving wife and daughter. I make the effort to connect my writing to the reader. Articles containing Egyptian Arabic-language text.

Yehia, a psychotherapist at Al Abbasia hospital.

Ahmed Mourad: ‘I Am a Tough Reader’

The novelist Ahmed Mourad in Diamond Dust novel brews up a diabolic concoction, a panacea for all our problems with mortals. I try to write in a language elephatn is accessible to people. Sons of Rizk Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Some writers write in a lofty language or spend a lot of time refining their language for the sake of one prize or another and they tend to forget about the reader.

Writing is like travelling. Broadcast Pro Middle East. Archived from the original on 1 March Is Blue Elephant film Based on a novel? Amira Abd El Khalek: However, this is the only way that other readers will have access to our works.