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Chevrolet Avalanche Manuals

In an emergency contact roadside assistance. Power Windows The controls for abalanche power windows are located on the armrest on each of the side doors. Page 3 Safety Warnings and Symbols There are a number of safety cautions in this book. You or your passengers could be injured. If an abnormal reading is displayed, please consult your GM dealer.

Also, if an engine or vehicle related problem has been detected, and the vehicle needs service, the message will appear.

ownrrs Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicles Use the following procedure to tow your vehicle: This light should come on, as a check to show you it is working, when the ignition is on and the engine is not running. The maximum air pressure is molded onto the sidewall. Keep hands, clothing and tools away from any underhood electric fan.

See your Warranty and Owner Assistance booklet or your dealer for details. To use repeat, ownegs the following: This feature is located on the inside edge of the rear doors. Left Side Shown, Right Side Similar Push the panel forward until it is snug against the other panel and then let the back of the panel down being sure that the pegs align with the receivers.

To remove the tailgate, do the following: You may be an excellent driver, but if you are in an accident aavlanche even one that is not your fault — you and your passengers can be hurt.


The children or others could be badly injured or even killed. Driving avvalanche on hills requires good judgment and an understanding of what your vehicle can and cannot do.

chevrolet avalanche Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Outside Heated Mirrors Outside Heated Mirrors If the vehicle has avalanch mirrors, the button to turn this function on or off is located on the climate control panel. How to Add Coolant to the Coolant Surge Tank If you have not found a problem yet, check to see if coolant is visible avalanchw the surge tank. These drains should be cleaned periodically to allow water to exit the cargo area. You stop over more distance, and your strongest bones take the forces.

If it is not, you owenrs have a leak at the pressure cap or in the radiator hoses, heater hoses, radiator, water pump or somewhere else in the cooling system. Driving Across an Incline Sooner or later, an off-road trail will probably go across the incline of a hill.

To store the tools, follow these avalajche Pull the turn signal housing out from the vehicle. Page Left Side Shown, Right Side Similar Push the panel forward until it is snug against the midgate and then let the back of the panel down being sure that the pegs align with the receivers.

Chevrolet Avalanche Owner’s Manual

Do not let anyone ride where he or she can not wear a safety belt properly. All-weather Cargo Area Cargo Tie Downs There are cargo tie downs in the rear cargo area that you can use to strap cargo in. A damaged restraint system may not properly protect the person using it, resulting in serious injury or even death in a crash.

Before adding any sound equipment to your vehicle, like a tape player, CB radio, mobile telephone, or two-way radio, make sure afalanche it can be added by checking with your dealer. Under certain circumstances, a delay in updating the temperature is normal. Be sure to use an anchor point located on the same side of the vehicle as the seating position where the child restraint will be placed.


Avalanche Owners Manuals

Use the front defrost button to defrost the front windshield. On some vehicles equipped with certain front mounted equipment, such as a snow plow, it may be possible to load the front axle to the front GAWR but not have enough weight on the rear axle to have proper braking performance.

The airbag supplements the protection provided by safety belts. Page 84 Midgate Operation Your vehicle is avalwnche with a midgate and a removable rear glass panel. To heat only the seatback, press the vertical button with the heated seatback symbol. Raise the tire fully against the underside of the vehicle by turning the wheel wrench clockwise until you hear two clicks or feel it skip twice.

In most states mwnual in all Canadian provinces, the law says to wear safety belts. You can be seriously injured if your belt goes over an armrest like this. Safety Belts Safety Belts: Luggage Carrier You can load things on top of your vehicle if it has this feature.

Turn and Lane-Change Signals The turn signal has two upward for right and two downward for left positions. Hold the rear glass in place with one hand and turn the glass lock knobs, located at both top corners of the glass storage pocket, to the unlocked position. Press the retainer clip arrowlocated behind 3.

Drinking and then driving is very dangerous. The doors will not be unlocked automatically. Seats and Restraint Systems