This eBook offers a fad diet that claims you can lose up to 18 pounds in just four days. Hello everyone, I wanted to share what my experience with the 18in4 diet since I have used it before. I first came across the diet in my absolute. One such diet that promises quick results is the James Zeta diet, also referred to as “18in4” because it tells you that you can lose 18 pounds in.

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Advertisements Hello everyone, I wanted to share what my experience with the 18in4 diet since I have used it before. Then I will explain exactly what I did and what I continue to do every day to maintain the weight loss.

18in4 Zeta Diet – Diet Review

Thanks for the input, A total of 17 dite — not bad at all. I just wanted to say thanks; you really deserve a medal for this diet….

Vegetables including butternut squash, green beans, broccoli, celery, and lettuce. Sam, New York Link will open in a new window. It is likely that you will be hungry throughout the day because of such a ciet calorie intake. I would really like to get a copy of that diet. After those successful results I was encouraged to market the program. Don’t have an account?

I had to lose 15 lbs, well 4 days later I lost 13 lbs. I have tried every diet in the book, injections, well known diet clinics and a variety of diet pills and nothing has been this quick and easy to follow. I can not tell you how much better I feel. If a vague notion of “I will lose some weight” isn’t enough and you actually do want to lose 18 pounds, know that plenty of users — whom James Zeta of course accuses of not having followed the diet strictly enough — report that they did not obtain the promised results.


18in4 Zeta Diet

However if you purchase a diet from the Clickbank marketplace, you are absolutely guaranteed a refund if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Lansing, MI 2, posts, read 5, times Reputation: If you like the restricted food on the diet and you dont have a tedious job that die alot of energy.

The 18in4 Diet is not a program that should be used for healthy weight loss. Lorraine, UK Hi James, all I can say is look at pictures. The “Lose 18lbs in 4 days” program is NOT suitable for people who are sensitive to eggs, grapefruit and tomatoes.

My name is Terrance from New York. Hello everyone, I wanted to share what my experience with the 18in4 diet since I have used it before. I’ve spent the last two days trying to get it by google search, after trying to buy it on the websitewhich did not work after three tries of putting in my card info. I work midnight and the diet worked great! Probably not, even though the ebook does include detailed instructions on how to stick to your new weight after the four days are over. James, hats off to you!


Easy Fast Diets – 18in4 Diet

Kate, UK The diet is great! Thanks, Daniel P, Texas.

Publish feedback on my Facebook Feed. Diett answered my email with a token apology and a demand to see the grocery receipt. The program claims to offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase, but receiving that refund may be hard to do.

This plan is based on sensible foods – lots of veggies and a small amount of fruit, protein of course – I will let you know if it’s worth your while as my results will speak for dief on Friday morning Duet am looking forward to seeing what happens. Just working on the 6 pack now!! I am so thankful for your generosity in sharing this plan with the world James. My days are pretty crazy with 3 kids to take care of but even with my busy schedule it was still easy to follow your plan.

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