Read story 10 Signatures to bargain with God. by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Ate Dennysaur *u*) with reads. denny, 10signatures, drama. Story not. 10 Signatures to Bargain with God (FB COMPILATION COPY — PROLOGUE TO ‘HaveYouSeenThisGirL Book Collection List of published books by HYSTG. Read story 10 Signatures to bargain with God. by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Ate Dennysaur *u*) with reads. god, 10sig.

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The usual sensitive him wears the universal scowl and I then burst out laughing as I pat his arm, “I’m just kidding! But I am now rewriting that essay, this is now the real essay. Who aren’t really peace makers rather they are the first ones to create commotions.

I turn my head to that direction and from the moon’s reflection, I see her standing near a tree with a troubled face while she is holding her phone.

The old offices are now classrooms. When I was 14, my goal was to have readers who will appreciate my story, goal accomplished.

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Before dying, I want to see my friends and have a nice chitchat with them. I would really want to be friends with you. Refresh and try again. Its so lonely when there’s no one you can scold for their vices.


The signathres that will truly struck the possible readers is how the author incorporated the different priorities of people in life into one story. Lots of things changed, my favorite bench isn’t there anymore. I run my fingers to my hair and watch my feet sway back and forth, “I’ll be asking for your signature, grandma.

Pauline Kaye rated it it was amazing Jul 03, Then she whispers, “When you meet your grandpa, tell him that I miss him so much. I feel like trembling, setting foot again here gives me nostalgia. Why didn’t I see you guys hanging out anymore? I felt grandma patting my head like a kid, she just kept on patting me without saying anything. It was written in English by a Pilipino author and I commend her writing style. I feel so fidgety. Please do not steal this story, God is watching.

I like the concept of the signature and the ending.

10 Signatures to Bargain With God

Riza’s struggles in life made my heart ache, but at the same time, look at her in awe. I explain to her my signature collecting to bargain with God. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I forgot to mention that she’s pregnant, for almost 8months.

signaatures A story that will make you ready to face the reality of dying. Risa Magdayo, 20 years old, may taning ang buhay. We run around in circle like crazy. This is so ironic, I remember that once my english teacher asked the whole class to write an essay with a certain theme of “What I want to happen before dying”, I kinda did not take it seriously. And now, I’m dying. I’m a crybaby when it comes to barfain discovering stories.


Join or Log Into Facebook. When I’ve found it, I click the call button and it feels like my heartbeat is louder than the phone’s rings. They’re also a part of my life. I take another sip on my already cold tea and place my head to grandma’s shoulder as she still wifh to pat my head, sometimes brushing my hair that makes me feel so sleepy.

I’m excited for it. Will they be able to move on?

It’s been a long time. Technologies made us less of an observer, we don’t appreciate the marvelous things around us anymore because we bow down our heads to superficial things. Sometimes it crosses my mind a very troubling question, if I die will my boyfriend suffer like how my grandma suffers for the lost of her dear husband?

10 Signatures to Bargain With God by HaveYouSeenThisGirL

I cried a lot reading this wonderful story. No trivia or quizzes yet. We remain in silence as the sun sets and the sky changes its color.